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We have created this blog to promote dialogue and exchange with customers, representatives from the print and online media, bloggers, trade journalists and all those interested in printing, paper, graphics and design. All users are invited to share their opinions and comment on the individual posts.

Writing comments – what you need to know

Write your post in a way that is respectable, informed and easy to understand, in terms of the way you express yourself and the length of the post as well as the nature of the content. It should

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When writing your comment, please also remember that your text will be published online, meaning that it will be permanently accessible to everyone. In short: Comments reflect exclusively the opinions of the author. The author of the comment is solely responsible for the correctness and completeness of the published content.

Publishing comments – how it works

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To guarantee an exciting, constructive and spam-free discussion, our blog communication needs a few rules.

Netiquette – stay fair

The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish posts or to delete posts, especially if the comments function is abused in the following ways:

  • as advertising space for products, services or other websites
  • to incite violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • to encourage political or religious rallies and demonstrations
  • for machine-generated comments
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Respectful and fair interaction is very important to us. Please treat other users as you would wish to be treated yourself. We will not tolerate personal attacks, insults or discrimination, or any racist, sexist, political or religious statements.

The editors will forward comments containing questions about your FLYERALARM order and questions about products, services or orders not related to the blog post to the customer service centre for further processing. We would like to display published comments for as long as possible. By submitting a comment to the blog, the author grants FLYERALARM the right to store the post on the pages of its website and make it accessible to third parties for an unlimited time.