Free layouts and fonts for Christmas

von | 20. October 2015 | BeInspired | Keine Kommentare
The days are getting shorter and colder, gingerbread has been in the shops for a while, “Last Christmas” has already played for the first time on the radio. There is no doubt about it: Christmas is around the corner! High time to stock up on greeting cards, for wishing customers,...
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Special colours: HKS and Pantone

von | 13. October 2015 | Know-how | 2 Kommentare
For certain graphic implementations, in addition to CMYK, special colours are required for printing which are applied in a fifth or sixth inking to the printing substrate. The reason for this is that not all colours can be mixed using the regular components of four-colour printing. In particular, special colours...
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Is it Christmas already?

von | 8. October 2015 | Backstage | Keine Kommentare
It certainly is for the FLYERALARM customers because the new Christmas product range is available in the online shop from the start of September. Of course, classic products like sledges, greetings cards, textiles, packaging, gift certificates and calendars can be ordered from us all year round. The seasonal specials, however,...
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