The Pantone Colours of the year 2016

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Pantone Farbe des Jahres 2016

Every year… Pantone selects the colour of the year. The design world eagerly awaited news about which colour shade the company would choose as a trend for 2016 – and was doubly surprised. For the first time, there are two colours of the year: Serenity, a light blue, and Rose Quartz, a pale pink. Those who immediately think of babies in this context are, however, mistaken. Pantone is in fact picking up on colour trends in fashion and different industry segments and sees its selection as a reflection of social trends and developments. The two colour shades thus represent the dissolution of traditional gender boundaries and outdated role assignments. Put simply, pink does not automatically mean girls nor should blue be automatically associated with boys. Serenity and Rose Quartz instead stand for a generation that is simply no longer so worried about gender prejudices and stereotypes.

Serenity and Rose Quartz

Serenity has a weightless, airy and light effect. The light blue stands for peace and order, tranquillity and serenity as well as rest and relaxation. Rose Quartz perfectly complements these characteristics. The warm pink embodies solidarity, compassion and friendliness and the vibrant, carefree spring and summer months. The two shades develop their respective characteristics above all in combination; together the delicate pastel colours counteract stress, the weight of expectations and uncertainty, thus creating harmony and heightening positive feelings. As a counterpoint to the current political and social developments worldwide, they symbolise security, tranquillity and relaxation. They not only reflect the needs of the people; wherever they are used, they echo precisely those feelings and thus influence our daily lives.

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2016

The trends of the 2015 Autumn Report are continuing into the spring of 2016: naturalness is the name of the game. The colour palette reflects society’s desire for rest and relaxation, and the release from technological barriers. Soft shades that provide a sense of calm and relaxation mix with vibrant colours and take us into the cheerful, sunny seasons. The warm Peach Echo, the intense Snorkel Blue and the vibrant Green Flash in particular complement the colours of the year. Together, the colours of the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for the spring of 2016 provide for relaxation, and then promote curiosity and the desire for exploration.


Über Raphael

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