Today is World Graphic Day 2015

Good morning graphic designers: today is World Graphic Designer Day. It’s your day – and we wish you much inspiration and creative energy. At the same time we would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to you. Thanks for all your great ideas and creative designs. They don’t just make your customers happy and excited every day: your creations also portray messages and challenge us all to assess and maybe change our perspectives and the angles we view things from. That’s fascinating.

We think it deserves recognition.

And we don’t mean an official award in the classic sense. We’re not talking about design or creative prizes, rankings, or participation and publishing fees. Our award will cost you nothing and is not tied to a budget. Sure, it can’t be compared with coming in the top 10 of a ranking. But it comes from the heart. Even if we can’t present it personally. What do we mean? We’ve designed some great awards – just for you! Download your favourite. Print it out for yourself, stick it up at your desk, on the notice board or the door. Give them to your colleagues and friends, set the picture as your desktop background, or whatever else you can think of! The award is to show how much we appreciate your work.

We’d be delighted if as many of our FLYERALARM customers as possible took part in our campaign. Say THANK YOU to your graphic designers too. Send them an award via email. Print them out as stickers or badges (the downloads are laid out as print data) and send them in the post. Whether it’s a freelance graphic designer, a graphic designer in the marketing department of a company or the art director at an advertising agency, we’re certain: your creative partners will be delighted by this gesture and way of reaching out.

Download badges, round diameter 55 mm

Download stickers, quadrat 9,8 cm x 9,8 cm


Über Dietlinde

PR- und Marketing Expertin. Ist seit knapp neun Jahren im FLYERALARM Team und kennt das Unternehmen wie die eigene Westentasche. Liebt Porträts und Interviews mit Menschen aus aller Welt. Weitere Faibles: Innovative Print-Produkte, ungewöhnliche Promotion-Artikel und neue Marketingtrends.

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