Vegan stickers and labels

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Vegan stickers

We generally tend to think that many products are free from animal ingredients and are thus all the more surprised when we find out that this is not the case. Who associates gummy bears with real animals? Or cornflakes with bone tissue? And it’s the same thing for most people when it comes to print products such as stickers and labels. Just as with gelatine-containing foods, they nevertheless often contain animal products, especially their adhesive agents. Those who value the vegan lifestyle, however, no longer need to make any concessions: more and more vegan products are now also being used in the printing industry.

Free from animal products

Traditional print products consist – to put it simply – of the carrier material, the colour with which this is printed, and – in the case of stickers and labels – an adhesive agent. The latter in particular often contains ingredients of animal origin. Glues made from bone parts or casein (a milk protein) are used in the process. However, there are now equally good if not better mineral- and vegetable-based alternatives. Although there had been considerable production problems in the past, such as the contamination of equipment, these have long since been resolved. FLYERALARM uses acrylic-based adhesives for vegan stickers and labels, for example. We also focus on production that is free of animal suffering when it comes to papers, films and colours. Concretely, this means that the carrier materials are coated with a gelatine-free compound, and colours do not contain any animal products.

Comparing vegan to non-vegan

In terms of adhesive properties, casein-free glues are just as effective as those containing casein, thereby ensuring the same quality as offered by non-vegan products. It incidentally makes no difference whether the stickers and labels are used indoors or outdoors. The two variants also differ only slightly in terms of price. The vegan versions are only minimally more expensive. However, in any case you cannot put a price on the decisive point distinguishing vegan print products from their conventional counterparts. After all, doing without animal products in production sends not only a clear signal in favour of animal welfare; such print products are also much more biologically degradable. They stand for a high degree of environmental compatibility and are particularly valuable ecologically.

If you want to use advertising materials that are in accordance with your beliefs or have been looking for vegan stickers and labels for quite some time already, you’ll find it all in the FLYERALARM shop. We have a wide range of formats and versions for you to select from. Try it out:

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