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Each artwork will be checked for certain criteria according to our free basic data check (see below). In case your artwork is not printable you will be informed by email. 

The basic data check includes: 
  • checking of the artwork format (with a tolerance of up to 3 mm)
  • checking whether the fonts are embedded
  • checking whether encryptions are used (e.g. password protection) 
  • checking whether file is damaged
  • checking whether number of pages is correct
  • checking whether correct number of spot colours/colour channels for products with HKS-colours is applied
The professional data check is a fee required additional contribution and can be selected for each order. Besides the criteria of the basic data check your artwork will additionally be checked for following criteria:
  • checking whether all fonts are converted into paths
  • checking of correct colour space 
  • checking of correct resolution
  • checking of maximum colour saturation 
  • checking whether PDF/X-3:2002 standard is used for PDF files 
  • checking whether full-tone colours, printable comments, OPI-comments, layers, transparencies and/or JPG2000 images are used.
After the professional data check has been made you will receive an email with the result. If your files correspond to the artwork requirements of FLYERALARM the order has to be confirmed by you in your customer account. Only then your order will be printed. In case your files do not correspond to our artwork requirements you will receive an email with an error description and the demand to correct your files and to upload them again. If you only receive hints you can either upload your files again or confirm the uploaded files in your customer account. For the latter we do not assume any liability for the printing result. 
If you give your printing approval in advance (when uploading your files) your order will be printed immediately if your files correspond to our artwork requirements or only show slight defects (hints). Not printable files (error) will, of course, not be printed even when the printing approval has been given in advance. 

The indicated delivery times start with the receipt of your printable artwork or rather your printing approval. The delivery date for orders with erroneous files can therefore delay. 

The data check does not include the following: 
  • reviewing text with regard to content and grammatical correctness 
  • checking of colour rendition 
  • checking of overprinting function
  • checking of fold edges and perforation lines
  • layout work
  • checking of position of PDF file
  • checking of reference text (as indicated in the order)