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Posters, decorative banners and backlit boxes:
clever ideas for your point of sale


To buy or not to buy? Customer often wait until they are already at the point of sale before deciding whether or not to buy a given product. It is thus advisable to make your salesrooms look as attractive as possible. We support you with clever advertising products: decorative banners printable on both sides, flashy LED backlit boxes, practical customer stoppers, etc. Behind-the-glass stickers, which you stick to the inside of your shop window, let you advertise in a relaxed manner without worrying about the weather. Discover our most popular ideas for your PoS:

  • 500 posters for €132.03 gross (€107.34 net, A1, 100gsm gloss, 4/0 single-sided print, full colour)
  • 1 advertising board for €81.88 gross (€66.57 net, classic version, suitable for A1)
  • 1 fabric poster for €65.14 gross (€52.96 net, 85 x 200 cm, 650gsm PVC block-out banner, 4/4 double-sided print , full colour)
  • LED backlit box for €273.05 gross (€221.99 net, 70 x 100 cm, 210 µm backlit film, translucent)
  • 250 reverse-glass-stickers for €68.36 gross (€55.58 net, round, Ø 9.5 cm, 60 µm adhesive film, 5/0 single-sided print, full colour)

Flyers, bonus cards and vouchers:
entice your customers


Turn your customers into regular buyers - for example with our bonus cards or voucher booklets. Each sheet on the inside of the booklet is perforated, making the vouchers easy to remove. You set the position of the perforation line yourself. Our best sellers at a glance:

  • 1,000 flyers for €66.68 gross (€54.21 net, A5, 300gsm matt coated paper, matt dispersion varnish, 4/4 double-sided print, full colour)
  • 5 x 1,000 business cards for €151.87 gross (€123.47 net, 8.5 x 5.5 cm, 400gsm matt coated paper, dispersion varnish, 4/4 double-sided print ,full colour, 5 designs in one print order)
  • 1,000 loyalty cards for €54.27 gross (€44.12 net, 8.5 x 5.5 cm, 390gsm wood pulp board, 4/4 double-sided print, full colour)
  • 1,000 voucher booklets for €383.19 gross (€311.54 net, DIN long, 32 pages, 170gsm matt coated paper, 4/4 double-sided print, full colour)
  • 250 hang tags for €196.76 gross (€159.97 net, 260gsm matt plastic film, 4/4 double-sided print, full colour)

As a shopping or a goodie bag:
carrier bags made of paper or fabric


Clothing, gift items and food: a carrier bag is part of every shopping trip. Our promotional bags are also practical as goodie bags at trade fairs or events. Fabric or paper? Choose your favourites and have the shopping bag printed with your logo and contact details.

  • 1,000 classic shopping bags, uncoated for €1,682.82 gross (€1,368.15 net, 170gsm craft paper, 24 x 10 x 34 cm, soft and white synthetic fabric cord, 4/0 single-sided print , full colour)
  • 1,000 classic shopping bags, laminated for €2,035.04 gross (€1,654.50 net, 190gsm gloss art paper, 30 x 10 x 40 cm, soft and white synthetic fabric cord, 4/0 single-sided print, full colour)
  • 100 cotton bags for €206.46 gross (€167.85 net, 100 % cotton, 38 x 42 cm, basic colour white, one-colour print)