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Notepads with spiral binding
  • 25 or 50 sheets
  • Spiral binding in black, silver or white
Notepads with glue binding
  • 10, 25, 50 or 100 sheets
  • Reinforced cardboard back
Notepads with glued cover sheet
  • 25 or 50 sheets
  • Reinforced cardboard back
Order pads
  • 25 or 50 sheets
  • Special long format, ideal for the restaurant industry
Notepads with perforation
  • Inner part: graph, lined or plain paper
  • From 100 units
Hard cover notepad with spiral binding
  • Hard cover with lamination
  • Perforated
Flipchart pads
  • Notepads with 25 or 50 sheets
  • Perforated
  • Standard 6 x universal punch holes

Print notepads – personalise how you jot it down

Notepad printing is convenient not only in terms of office supplies but also for events. Never forget anything by jotting it down on notepad paper. Print memo pads for the office or home, or print personalised notepads to offer in-store or as giveaways at trade shows, corporate events, lectures and more. The restaurant industry, for example, is one of many that still rely on memo pads printing to keep business moving. Whether it's to keep track of orders, incoming calls, dates, prices or whatever else, consider making your job easier and print notepads or print memo pads. As with all of FLYERALARM's print products, we offer you plenty of options to choose from, in terms of bindings (spiral, glue), the number of sheets (10-100) and formats (A5, A4, long format, etc.). Have a look through our print shop and see how we can help you customise your next printing project.

Pens – penmanship will never go out of style

Accompany your notepad printing with personalised pens to write it all down. Print pens that are budget friendly, premium quality or made from natural materials. Never let your guests and customers be without one! Print notepads and pens with your logo or business name on them to hand out at corporate events, conferences and trade shows. Offer personalised free pens at your shop, business or organisation for customers to take away easily. Present a sustainable or high-quality pen as a gift to exclusive clients or business contacts. We have pens to satisfy every budget and quality preference. After all, you, your guests, business contacts or customers will never say no to another pen – so personalise it as much as you can.

Lanyards – the VIP of badge and card-carrying

Anyone who has ever been to a trade show, a concert, or a very secure office building, appreciates the everlasting convenience of lanyards. Print personalised lanyards that meet a variety of both professional and personal needs. Our selection comes in a range of styles, all complete with a satin ribbon – choose a standard clip, a buckle and/or safety lock for easy and secure wearing, bold neon colours or an attachable ID case. Let your attendees or employees easily flash their ID or badge to security, quickly grab a business card or key card and proudly show off their VIP status. Used again and again by guests and attendees at trade shows, corporate events, concerts and the like, lanyards present brands and businesses with a great way to advertise on an ongoing basis, every time it is worn. Or try personalising your own to have handy if you or your team do a lot of networking at badge events or simply have a lot of cards and badges to carry around every day.

Notebooks – never underestimate writing it all down

Notepad printing – as great as it is – may not always be enough to handle all your writing needs. That's why we also offer personalised notebooks. They are excellent to have on hand at corporate or academic events, trade shows or wherever else guests and attendees may need to write stuff down. Businesses that are geared towards kids or education in general can offer personalised workbooks for after-school activities or as an extra handout for adults to accompany other printed material. Always keeping gift-giving in mind, you may also enjoy our premium notebooks or colourful notebooks in faux leather, which allow you to add a special message to your gift. Great for using as a diary, taking notes or even sketching, our notebooks will meet your promoting needs while giving your customers or attendees something truly useful and practical.

FLYERALARM – online printing that properly personalises your next project

If you can put your logo or your brand name on it, our printing service can most likely print it. FLYERALARM takes promoting your business seriously – whether you want to go big time or keep it simple. Yet, we also pay attention to the personal interests of your customers, your guests and you. Will your audience prefer pens and notebooks or a t-shirt? Will you need a lot of advertising material or a one-off solution? Once we have all your information, we can help you get as detailed as you like with your results. All while keeping in mind such things as your budget, audience reach, location and the like. Have fun exploring our many product and design options and see how we can best deliver your expectations for your next project. Or simply give us a call or drop us an email! Our customer representatives are here to help.personalised products started.