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Postcards, standard sizes
  • From 100 units
  • To send out, for display racks or as mini brochures
Postcards, rectangular
  • Different materials and finishes
  • From 100 units
Postcards, square
  • Different materials and finishes
  • From 100 units
Postcards, round/oval
  • Different materials and finishes
  • From 100 units
Postcards, special shape
  • From 100 units
  • Double sided print
Postcards with pre-designed flat hot foil stamping
  • Stamped design in gold, silver or red
  • Choose from 5 designs
Custom sized postcards
Custom sized postcards
  • 5.5 x 8.5cm to 21 x 29.7cm
  • Square or rectangular
  • From 10 units

Postcard printing – Nice greetings and beautiful advertising

Print postcards online for customer retention or initiation of new business relationships. There are enough reasons to do so: seasonal greetings, a thank you, invitations, product news, discounts and event reminders. Or why not just send off a greeting in the middle of year without waiting for a special occasion? It’ll get you noticed! As postcards evoke an immediate positive association within the recipient they are a very effective marketing tool. A glance at the front, a glance at the text on the back. It’s learnt. And you’ve reached the customer with your message in less than a minute.

You can choose from standard sizes such as the classic A6 postcard format right through to extravagant versions such as A3 or DL plus. If you want to stand out, you can also rely on round, square or special shapes, as well as on quality finishing. All versions are available on many grades of paper and materials as well as starting from a print run of just 100. And if you are really in a hurry, we even provide certain configurations with express delivery. For postcards printing with a variety of designs, you can upload up to ten different sets of 100, 250 or 1,000 copies each. This allows you to make multiple use of a given product selection and have various designs to choose from when sending your cards.

Not only DIN formats

Although the classic A6 has long been proven as a standard size for postcards printing, unusual formats are better suited for special occasions or specific requirements. For example, if you need to place a lot of content on them. You can thus choose from several large formats that are guaranteed to provide sufficient space for your purposes: for example, A3 for DIN formats, up to XXL (140 x 290 mm) for rectangles or 21 x 21 cm for squares. A nice side benefit: If you have such large postcards printed, the dimensions alone will impress the recipients so much that you will be sure to attract their attention. There are also special contours, such as oval and round versions as well as special shapes. The latter come in heart, gift, gingerbread man, tree or star designs. You will thus find something for every occasion. As with all the others, you can also print these postcards as you wish: whether in your corporate design or to suit the event.

Attract attention with finishing

For the front of your postcards, you can choose from numerous finishings, such as the one-sided relief varnish or the flat hot foil stamping in gold and silver. This way your cards get a classy elegant look and immediately transmit a feel of quality to the recipient. The back of each card has a matt surface so that you can also leave your message personally in your own handwriting. Other finishings with which you can print your postcards are film coating, soft-feel coating, UV varnish and hologram film.

Postcards that come with finished hot foil stamping save you a lot of work when designing your postcards. Select from tree, glasses, frames, ribbons and star designs for your desired format and as well as the colour for the hot foil stamping in which you want the design to decorate the card. Customise the rest according to your requirements.

Double advertising medium

Want to print a postcard with a practical function? Then order the postcards in 300 g cardboard with peelable white sticker. The sticker postcards are good not just for sending in the post, but also for gastronomy or retail sectors: Place them as a giveaway in the checkout area or simply include them in the carrier bag. The better the printed design, the more inclined the customer will be to use the sticker and market your message.

Your online printing shop of course also offers stickers without postcards – and in a variety of versions and shapes. We can, for example, specially stickers printing for indoors or outdoors, on neon paper or on both sides. Just some of the many variations. We offer you an equally wide selection if you want to flyer printing. Besides the classics, exclusive finishings and materials as well as special environmentally-friendly papers, you will also find custom-sized format flyers – i.e. advertising to suit your personal taste. You can also have your business cards printing in a custom-sized format. And here you can once again choose from many grades of paper and finishings for printing.