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Would you like to promote your offers or novelties? On our postcards on 265gsm chromo board quality they will stand out from the mass brilliantly. Perhaps choose for the front a matt laminating finishing or glossy UV varnish. In case you need several motifs in one order you can select postcards as bundle. We recommend our templates for the back of the postcards which are for free.

Postcards, standard sizes
  • from 100 copies
  • to send out, for displays, as mini folders
Postcards, rectangular
  • different materials and finishings
  • from 100 copies
Postcards, square
  • different materials and finishings
  • from 100 copies
Postcards, round/oval
  • different materials and finishings
  • from 100 copies
Postcards, special shape
  • from 100 copies
  • printable on both sides
Postcards with pre-designed flat hot foil stamping
  • embossed motif in gold, silver or red
  • choose between 5 motifs

Postcards create heart-warming emotions

Order postcards online for customer retention or initiation of new business relationships. There are enough reasons to do so: seasonal greetings, a thank you, invitations, product news, discounts, event reminders or simply any time throughout the year without a particular reason. It’ll get you noticed! Postcards are a very good marketing instrument: they evoke an immediate positive association within the recipient, because postcards are directly connected with holiday greetings. A glance at the front, a glance at the text on the back. It’s noticed. And you’ve reached the customer with your message in less than a minute.

Standard sizes in a classic postcard format are available from A6 to A5 long. And anyone who really wants to make an impact should take a look at our round, square, XXL or cinnamon-scented versions!

Our tips for your postcards:

→ You can choose from numerous finishing options for the front, such as the one-sided relief varnish or the hot foil stamping in gold and silver , This way your card gets a classy elegant look and immediately transmits a feel of quality to the recipient. The back of each card has a matt surface so that you can also leave your message personally in your own handwriting.

→ Want a postcard with a practical function? Then order the stickers in 300gsm board with peelable white sticker . The sticker postcards are good not just for posting them, but also for the gastronomy industry or retail: place them in the checkout area or simply include them in the carrier bag. The better the printed motif, the more inclined your potential customer will be to use the sticker and market your message.

→ Size doesn’t matter? It matters with postcards! Whether it’s in XL or XXL – you can’t draw much more attention with a postcard. This option is available for rectangle postcards. The size measures 14 cm x 29 cm and they are available in either portrait or landscape.

Scented postcards are a very special experience for the senses. They give off a lovely fragrance straight away – without needing to be rubbed. The scent reaches the brain via the nose in just milliseconds. This means that not just sight and touch are appealed to, but also smell. And the more senses reached, the more likely your message is to be remembered. Why not make use of this effect? The combination of cinnamon and vanilla also releases happy hormones. If you would rather print scented flyers online instead of postcards, you can find a scented version amongst our Flyers range in our online printing shop.