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Business cards

Standard business cards Next Day
  • Coated & offset paper
  • Silk and gloss
  • Quick turnaround
Business cards with premium finishes
  • High-quality stamping and varnishing
  • Special colours
  • From 100 units
Business cards made from premium material
  • Effect & textured paper
  • Metallic paper
  • Plastic films
  • Pearl effect paper
Custom sized business cards
  • Width: 5.5 - 21 cm
  • Height: 5.5 - 29.7 cm
  • Different materials
  • Double sided print
Environmentally friendly business cards
  • Recycled paper
  • Natural paper
Top seller

Premium business cards
  • 450gsm matt SBS board
  • Landscape (8.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • 4/4 double sided print (full colour)

Folded business cards

Folded business cards classic
  • Double sided print
  • From 100 units
Folded business cards exclusive finishings
  • High-quality stamping and varnishing
  • Special colours
Folded business cards exclusive materials
  • Textured paper
  • Metallic paper
Folded business cards environment and nature
  • Recycled paper
  • Natural paper


Paper sample book
  • Free inspiration and delivery
  • To look, feel and compare
  • Over 50 types of paper and finishes

Business cards printing – the foundation of your business stationery

A business appointment without exchanging business cards? Unimaginable. Business cards are still one of the most important advertising media. Use your card to introduce yourself and your business professionally at the first meeting. A quick look at the front and back is all it takes for your customer to gain a first impression of you and your company. And the best part: you are in control of this first impression! Material and design play a decisive role. your online printing shop offers a wide range of options for printing business cards to suit any requirements you might have.

Choose from our range of business cards and print your cards online

- Unbeatable price-performance ratio and fast delivery: You can’t go wrong with our classic business cards. In terms of paper products, they are the most widely used business cards by far. Get the business cards in the standard format (8.5 x 5.5 cm) printed online and receive your personal cards on the same day – thanks to our Same Day service. Order before 9am and you can pick them up in one of our stores across Germany from 5.30pm that same day.

- Would you like to make a particularly effective impression? pearlescent, metallic effect or linen structure turn your business card into real gems. You can choose the right paper for your company using the paper sample book. Order free of charge!

- What about adding an exclusive finishing? From playful to extravagant, we provide effects through the use of high-quality embossing, print coatings and unusual colours. Try our partial UV varnish, for example, which highlights the individual design elements, or hot foil stamping to make a clear statement.

- Business cards printing with recycled paper - don't give-up on your sustainable image. They are made from 100% recycled paper and is certified with the ‘Blue Angel’ eco-label.

- Is it important that your business cards can be handed out or would you prefer a special gimmick? Then choose our adhesive variant: the upper material can be easily peeled off and stuck on. Alternatively, we recommend our magnetic stickers, for example for attachment to magnetic walls.

- If your business cards chane hands frequently or are treated roughly, robust materials such as polypropylene and film or PVC cards are the best choice. These materials are resistant to grease spots and water, and are therefore very popular in catering and outdoor settings. You can also use these as customer loyalty cards, membership cards or gift vouchers, which optionally have magnetic strips or a signature field.

- Are standard business cards too small for your requirements? Significantly more information fits onto our folded business cards, which we also print from exclusive material or with unique types of finishing. In addition, we also offer business cards in an individual custom-sized format ideal for you.

- Would you like to get business cards printed for several contacts in your company? Simply order in a set. Thus several print designs (different people with different contact details) are possible in a single order.

Discover our practical additional items

- For the perfect first impression, your business cards must be of excellent quality and in immaculate condition. We send your cards elegantly and securely in a chic business card case. As part of our offer we have a flat, purist variant made of stainless steel or a very elegant, classic variant made of cow leather, among others.

- You can present all contacts at a glance with our business card holders. The ideal solution for trade fairs, joint practices or large law firms. Whether single or multiple holders, whether in portrait or landscape, here you will find suitable boxes for your format.

- Your business card completes your presentation documentation. Simply glue our transparent business card pockets onto the inside of ring binders, folders or magazines.

Design your individual business card

Which information should your business card contain? Your full name – of course. In addition, your position in the company, the name and logo of your company and your contact details (telephone and mobile phone number, email and website address). Profiles in social networks are often also mentioned. Even QR codes serve as a quick connection to the World Wide Web. The landing page can provide more information about yourself and your company. In addition to all this, special offers or exclusive services for the business card recipient. As a further binding element, a writable area for entering the next customer appointment can be included in the design.

As a general rule, make sure that the design is not overloaded with information before you print the business cards. Direct your business partners and customers to the most important information by highlighting certain text – normally your contact details.

Are you in need of help creating your business card? Quickly search for a design and customise according to your own needs.

Big in Japan? Be aware of business card etiquette

The forerunners to today's business cards were already around in Asia in the 15th century. There, the cards were used to announce visits. Although the importance of business cards has changed, the Japanese still have special etiquette associated with their handover: the older or more senior person presents his or her card first – with both hands. The recipient reads the card carefully and places it in front of him on the table. Alternatively, he or she pockets the business card respectfully – but never in a trouser pocket!