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L-shaped displays

L-shaped display for A5
L-shaped display for A5
L-shaped display for A4
L-shaped display for A4
L-shaped display for A3 (with box)
L-shaped display for A3 (with box)

L is for lightweight and lovely

Our custom print L-shaped displays are both of these things. They're also really handy. L-shaped display printing is a great way to make your message portable and simple to place on tables and counter-tops, or wherever you see fit.

Custom print L-shaped displays are just one of those advertising accessories that are easy to optimise and hard to do without. When it comes to promotional equipment, it doesn't get much more basic than this. Made from crystal-clear plastic, lightweight and available in three different formats (A5-A3), each custom print L-shaped display is its own freestanding opportunity to let customers know about:

  • price cuts.
  • special opening hours – for example, temporary changes or holiday hours.
  • your employee of the month – with L-shaped display printing you can show their picture, include some customer testimonials about them or a few of your own words about why they stand out. This makes their achievement much more meaningful – and they get to keep it after!
  • self-service instructions.
  • flavours, soups or other specials of the day.
  • the wonderful craftspeople who created those hand-made items you sell.
  • enticing product stories.
  • temporary or new information for customers and guests.
  • brand-relevant announcements.
  • news about your company-sponsored club or sports team.
  • your website address.
  • quotes of the day, tailored to your customers' interests, your business type or current affairs.
  • giveaways available on your stand at a trade show – custom printed pens, lanyards, calendars and other fun stuff.

Custom print L-shaped displays are available in three different formats (A5–A3). They can be used with and without leaflet box. Custom print L-shaped displays are also a creative way to help your guests navigate parties and events. Fewer questions, more fun. Guests can feel more confident:

  • navigating buffet tables.
  • learning about silent-auction items.
  • getting information about where the toilets are.
  • finding their assigned table.

Speaking of tables, in addition to crystal-clear, personalised L-shaped displays, there are a few other cool tabletop items that you can buy online from your friendly favourite online shop (that would be FLYERALARM). You can buy panel holders (anodised aluminum, simply slide your panel in), custom print desk pads with calendar and room for notes in A2 and A3 sizes (calendar templates available on our website). You can also buy counter displays – even as single units. They're printable on all sides and incorporate a convertible, custom printable lid and back wall.

You design online, we print, pack and ship your product in double-quick time

FLYERALARM offers thousands (and thousands) of custom printed products for all (we hope) your print media marketing needs. Most can be delivered next day and there's almost nothing for which we don't have a brilliant print solution. From promo products to custom printed stationery to full-on custom displays, signage and trade-fair supplies. We print packaging, clothing, deck chairs (yes, deck chairs), car wraps, serviettes and much, much (much) more. Seriously, if we haven't got what you're looking for, we're pretty sure nobody does. That being said, if there's any custom print product you're seeking that you really can't find here, please let us know. We are constantly sourcing and adding new products, and our customer suggestions have been a great inspiration.

FLYERALARM's world-class online design portal is the gateway through which you can achieve your print marketing goals, streamline your ideas and store your artwork in one convenient place. Jump in and start looking through our massive product range today. Thank you for visiting FLYERALARM.