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Wall mounted brochure holders

Wall mount brochure holder for A5
Wall mount brochure holder for A5
Wall mount brochure holder for A4
Wall mount brochure holder for A4
Wall mount brochure holder for DL
Wall mount brochure holder for DL

The Choice Is Clear

Our wall mounted brochure holders and wall mounted leaflet holders are crafted from sturdy, crystal-clear plastic, providing a clear view of the contents inside. This highly useful marketing equipment allows your clients or customers to see and select what they need, quickly and easily. The smooth, clear surfaces make it simple and straightforward to add informational or decorative labels, stickers, adhesive company logos, etc. These containers are also easy to clean: simply wipe with a damp cloth. To get your materials seen without having to thumb through flat stacks, display them in our simple, see-through wall mounted brochure holders.

Home Is Where the Storage Is

We provide the perfect home to store and share your printed marketing materials. The dimensions of our handy wall mounted brochure holders mean they are deep enough to hold plenty of printed products of various types and sizes – from full-sized flyers to standard-sized brochures to slender leaflets.

All sizes of our wall mounted brochure holders (A5, A4, DL) feature cover flaps to protect your printed materials from dust, debris, moisture or other elements that can diminish the quality or appearance of paper left in open air for long periods of time.

They also have a flat base, so they can stand upright on flat surfaces. Another useful feature of these containers is that the rear side is designed with double rounded notches, which make the brochure holders perfect for wall mounting.

The Organiser’s Dream

Experts in organising and decluttering spaces often suggest rearranging items from horizontal alignment to vertical alignment. So, instead of traditional shelving, you can opt for a collection of FLYERALARM wall mounted brochure holders and wall mounted leaflet holders.

Wall mounting conserves surface space and helps avoid the problems often encountered when stacks of printed materials are left lying on flat surfaces like counters, desks or tables:

  • Damage caused by accidental liquid spills.
  • Toppling over on passers-by, who accidentally brush against them.
  • Scattering of paper due to incidental gusts of wind.

Having to stack and restack materials in such instances can lead to ripped creases, bent corners, fingerprint smudges, etc. Protect the appearance of your materials with our wall mounted cases, which also keep workspaces neat and organised.

Wall-To-Wall Coverage

In addition to the convenience and security of housing your marketing materials in FLYERALARM wall mounted brochure holders and wall mounted leaflet holders, our products offer a creative solution to those who need to display a wide variety of printed materials.

If your interest or industry involves displaying information about multiple topics all at the same time, our wall mounted brochure holders can increase utility and add visual interest to the décor of any space, such as:

  • Travel agencies with loads of brochures for multiple destinations.
  • Restaurants with various menus for different food offerings.
  • Talent or modelling agencies with head-and-shoulders shots of all their clients.
  • Medical or heath facilities with brochures on all sorts of health concerns.
  • Schools or universities with myriad brochures for all their course offerings.
  • Businesses with a plethora of documents and forms for their various departments.
  • Home offices/kitchens with all the flyers, catalogues, vouchers, recipes, kids’ drawings that such spaces seem to collect.

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The time has come. Buy wall mounted brochure holders or buy wall mounted leaflet holders to protect and present the pieces that promote your message in the most attractive way. To complement them, you can also buy L-shaped displays, buy brochure stands or buy snap frames. Don’t hesitate, buy online now. For swift service and delivery, visit our convenient online shop.