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Scaffolding Banner Printing Overnight
Custom sized banners up to 4 m Overnight
Custom sized banners over 4 m
Double Sided Printed PVC Banners
Custom Size Double Sided PVC Banners

Banner printing:
weatherproof and in large format

We offer you online banner printing in many sizes and formats. Specially tailored to meet your needs, there are standard dimensions for site fences and scaffolding as well as rectangular banners in DIN standard; but we also offer customised banner printing for your individual requirements. When it comes choosing materials, two weatherproof versions are available: sturdy, durable PVC material and lightweight, air-permeable mesh fabric. All banners are also available with eyelets on request.

PVC or mesh?

Which type of material is right for your advertising banners? The PVC material is particularly tear-resistant and robust and therefore especially suitable for locations where it is exposed not only to the weather, but also to people. This could be along barriers at events or also in gymnasiums. With a weight of 500 grams per square metre, it has a “thick skin” and thus stands up to a lot of abuse. Moreover, it is UV-resistant and made of certified fire-resistant printing fabric. These properties mean it can be used for virtually any location and surroundings. And thanks to a high degree of whiteness, the colours on PVC banners have a brilliant shine. The mesh fabric has a cloth-like structure, is transparent and air-permeable and has a weight of 300 grams per square metre. Mesh is thus lighter than the PVC variant and therefore recommended for higher wind loads. So if you want to put your message up high or attach your banner to a free-standing fence, the mesh fabric is definitely recommendable. It is also made of PVC and is therefore just as flame retardant and resistant to UV radiation, meaning that neither of the two varieties will fade. High-quality digital printing machines ensure that your banner is still in good condition even after prolonged outdoor use. The colour layer the machines apply ensures long-lasting intensity while protecting the material. We print your banners from one copy upwards.

Using barriers

Especially at events such as sporting events or festivals, barriers are very popular in order to maintain the necessary order and security. They also offer an ideal advertising surface, allowing you to print your banners and present your company and your products on them. Whether simple and discreet or flamboyant and colourful – you are sure to attract the attention of a large audience. With a size of 215 x 73 cm, the banners are specially tailored to the most common barriers. And thanks to the twelve eyelets along the perimeter, attaching them is no problem whatsoever.

Site fences and scaffolding as advertising surfaces

Whether new or renovated buildings, residential or office buildings – site fences generally surround every construction site. Why not take advantage of this by printing banners? Promote your company while leveraging your present contract to attract the next one. Let every passer-by admire your bigger-than-life business card. After all, the 340 x 173 cm site banners are difficult to overlook. This makes them interesting for any company that wants to leverage the prominent advertising surface for their advertising campaigns. They are thus by no means limited to the construction industry alone. We also offer scaffolding banners that can be printed with your designs. The more than four square metres provide plenty of space for this. Alongside the advertising impact, however, the banners also have a very practical use: They prevent tools or other things from falling and injuring someone.

Custom sized format up to 18 m2

If the available range of formats does not suit your requirements, we are happy to custom cut your banners for you. With a width of up to six metres and a height of up to three metres, you can specify your desired custom dimensions to the centimetre and have your banners printed online. If a maximum width of four metres suffices, your custom sized format will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge by overnight service and you will already hold it in your hands the next day. If you would also like to use the back of your banner, you can of course also have it printed. To ensure the print from the other side does not show through, the PVC block-out material contains a barrier layer in the middle. For optimum design reproduction – including custom-sized.

Putting banners up everywhere

Short on presentation surfaces? No problem: With our convenient and low-priced banner tightening set, consisting of two metal tubes fixed to the ground with a ground spike, you can place your banner or message on every available area. Complete your outdoor advertising with hoisting flags or drop-flags from our category Printing Flags. Or simply use panels and signs. Here too you can choose from many different materials and formats. Your online printing shop provides you everything from a single source.