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Plastic cards

Plastic cards, white Next Day
  • Credit card size
  • With signature field/magnetic strip upon request
Plastic cards, silver
  • Credit card size
  • From 100 units
Plastic cards with premium finish
  • VIP logo or earth hologram
  • Hot-foil in gold or silver
Individually Personalised Plastic Cards
  • Plastic cards in gloss/silk white or silver
  • Credit card size, double sided print
  • Personalisation possible in up to three fields (bottom left or bottom right)
Card envelopes, slipcase, 9 x 6 cm
Card holder with pocket

Print plastic cards for every purpose

Cards for customers, for bonus and discount programmes, IDs for members, employees or visitors, key cards and access cards, cards for... any purpose and occasion. And all this in numerous designs and variants. At your online printing shop you can create plastic cards individually, at a great price and cut to size to suit your exact needs. In doing so, you not only have the choice between white and silver cards, but also the option to provide them with magnetic strips, flat hot foil stamping or holograms.

A diverse range of possible uses for printed plastic cards

Made of sturdy PVC, these printable plastic cards are extremely robust and durable. This results in them not only being extremely popular, but also suitable for a broad range of applications. Customer cards belong to an ever-increasing range of application fields, often associated with bonus or discount programmes. You too can create added value for your customers by issuing such cards to them. Or use them as an advertising medium and print a calendar on the reverse side, for example. These will then be inserted into numerous purses or wallets and always be to hand. For those who prefer cards made out of paper, we have special bonus cards in our product range. Print the cards with stamp fields, for example, and create an incentive for customers to visit your business time and again.

Are you in need of IDs for employees or visitors? Print plastic cards online and use these to organise responsibilities and permissions. Also suitable as ID cards for pupils, students and members. To personalise the cards, we recommend the variant with a signature field, which can be signed on an individual basis. It is also extremely practical to print plastic cards and to use these as permanent admission tickets, for example, at events lasting for several days such as trade fairs. These are particularly suitable for exhibitors, trade fair stand builders and anyone who enters and leaves the grounds or the hall several times a day. To attach the cards to a or badge clip, simply select the hole punching option at the end of the configuration and set the round hole or long hole punching and the position.

Magnetic strips for more information

Plastic cards can record and play back considerably more information than may seem the case at first glance. Namely, when they are provided with a magnetic strip. These usually consist of particles of iron oxide or chromium dioxide, which are magnetised. The strips consist of three tracks with a total storage capacity of 1024 bits, which is divided up as follows:

  • Track 1 (upper area of the strip): here it is possible to save an alphanumeric code with 6 bits per character, with which numbers, uppercase letters, spaces and some special characters can be displayed. 79 characters can be recorded (76 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.
  • Track 2 (middle area of the strip): a numerical code with 4 bits per character is written on this, which contains the numbers 0 to 9 and some special characters. 40 characters can be recorded (37 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.
  • Track 3 (lower area of the strip): similar to track 2, this contains a numeric code with 4 bits per character. 107 characters can be recorded (104 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.

Attract attention with finishing

Stand out from the crowd – with flat hot foil stamping or holograms. Design and print your plastic cards and create unique products which are appealing both to look at and to touch. Choose between a gold or silver flat hot foil stamping, which gives your cards an exclusive coating. Such an upgrade allows you to not only represent a real alternative to conventional business cards made of paper; the extraordinary presentation of your company and you as an individual is also indispensable in order to stand out at trade fairs and other events.

In any case, printing business cards is always a step in the right direction. Design the cards in your corporate design and get them printed online quickly, professionally and at bargain prices.

The same goes for printing flyers: improve your image with amazing flyers, flyers with exclusive materials or exclusive finishings