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"Davos" sledges with printable seat
Horned sledges with printable seat
Horned sledges with printable seat

Make the most of winter with sledge printing and much more

Get the most out of the long winter season and print sledge designs that promote your brand in the snow. Sledge printing offers a distinct way to take advantage of winter sport and playtime by offering customers a personalised sledge they can keep using throughout the winter. Great for promoting fun, leisure and winter sport, design promotional sledges for children and for adults. Take advantage of one of the best wintertime activities to bring families together! Printed sledges make a perfect giveaway or gift for businesses focusing on activities or products that are kid-friendly and winter or outdoor-themed, like sporting goods shops, sports teams, family-focused brands, resorts and much more. And if you are going to print sledge designs, browse through some of our other weather-themed promotional products as well.

Personalised clothing for team members and customers

Shirts, sweaters and accessories with your business name or logo on them are an essential way to make your team members stand out and let customers show off your design. Print clothing that can represent your business or organisation at corporate events, as a personalised team uniform for staff working onsite or at special events, as a special giveaway to customers at trade shows or as a memento for fans to purchase. Versatile and suitable for men, women and children, printed clothing items give you a great opportunity to get your brand out there on something everyone can wear. Our online printing lets you choose between blouses, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ski caps or even textiles, so that you can then come up with your own fashionable design.

Help your customers beat icy weather with an ice scraper and glove

If sledge printing is for outdoor winter fun, then why not try a product that takes care of a less enjoyable but essential winter activity – de-icing the car windscreen. Customers who have a car will be glad that you were savvy enough to print ice scraper and glove for all that eventual freezing weather. Perfect for businesses related to the automobile industry, as well as winter-focused brands, an ice scraper and glove are a great way to promote your brand and message every time the temperature drops below freezing. Your customers will also appreciate the original design of the glove, which allows them to keep their hands warm while they scrape away the ice.

Warm things up with women's jackets

Running outdoor events in the cold? Or want your brand's design on show throughout the winter? Then print jackets for women. Widen your promotional reach with a number of jacket choices that promote your business and keep women's comfort in mind. Our jacket selection includes fleece, softshell, sweat jackets with hood and a winter softshell version. Ideal for customers and supporters who are interested in winter sports or who simply like staying warm outside. Meanwhile, businesses and organisations who employ staff outdoors in winter will appreciate having their female team members kitted out in the right gear.

Men's jackets that keep the cold out

Our print shop offers the same range of customised jacket designs for men, as well. Print jackets for men with your company's logo or brand's message and they'll be seen every time one of your team members, customers or fans heads out into the cold weather. Make sure customers can find your team or employees easily at big outdoor events with custom-coloured jackets that have your company name on them. Invite fans to show their support with a unique design that also keeps them snug in cold weather. With a range that includesfleeces, light or winter softshell jackets and sweat jackets, we have your promotional needs covered as soon as that first chill is in the air.

FLYERALARM – your weatherproof printing service

Print sledge designs, print clothing or print specialised products for your wintertime promotions. FLYERALARM's customised and highly efficient service mean you can print exactly what you want and how you want it, whether it's for year-round use or a once-a-year event. Explore all that your target audience might be interested in – stylish celebrations, being comfortable or even simply having some winter fun. Design and print something aimed at them, such as accessories, clothing and much more, which they can show off and take home. Try FLYERALARM for your next printing project – we have all your promotional and personalisation needs covered. Contact us today by telephone or email and let us know what you are planning.