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08.01.2018 - Important notice

We regret to inform you that the FLYERALARM Ireland website will no longer be available from 01.02.2018. We will of course continue to process and deliver any orders made until this date. If you wish to continue to make orders to Ireland following this date, please do so using the following email address: sales@flyeralarm.ie

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Budget pens
  • inexpensive giveaways
  • classic freebie items
  • for trade fairs and events
  • primarily made of plastic
Premium pens
  • exclusive designs
  • high quality gifts
  • for customers, partners, employees
  • primarily made of metal
Eco-friendly and natural pens
  • Sustainable and high-quality gifts
  • Natural materials e.g. wood
  • Recycling models
  • High-quality brand writing utensils
  • Exclusive promotional gifts
  • Pens and pencils
  • Individually printed or engraved
  • High-quality brand writing utensils
  • Exclusive promotional gifts
  • Pens and pencils
  • Individually printed or engraved


Pen Box Premium

Pen printing – perfect for the office and high-volume promotion

Among the many promotional products out there, few are more handy than printed pens. Print pens for customers and for employees and have them at the ready for giveaways, as freebie items at your place of business, trade fairs, corporate events or around the office. Personalised pens make a great addition to the stationery cupboard at work, as well as a convenient gift for business clients. Promotional pens let you easily put your name on something that everyone will see and use at some point during their week. Our printed pens come in a variety of material (plastic, metal, recycling) so that you can find low-cost options for high-volume demand or select a more premium style as a gift. Along with pen printing, we have many services that you can use to keep your logo or brand message in sight while people are using them.

Lanyards – make coming and going that much easier

Any trade show attendee or company employee knows how important it is to always have their ID, key card or badge at the ready. Print lanyards and let everyone promote your business as they display their badge or conveniently carry their key card. If you print pens, you can be assured that they will end up in someone's pocket or bag. But lanyards are always on full display while in use, since many professionals are required to display their badge or ID on a daily basis. Lanyards are also highly valued among attendees at trade fairs, so why not make them a decent ones – with a clip buckle, in neon or with an ID case – that will show off your brand again and again.

Discover lanyard printing...

  • ...to create a personalised way for your employees to organise their ID and key cards.
  • ...to easily promote your brand via attendees at large-scale events, like concerts and trade fairs.
  • ...and get your logo in front of every networking professional at corporate events.

Umbrellas – when it's raining promotion potential

Its market reach may not seem as wide as pen printing but everyone needs an umbrella, especially in Ireland! That's why it is always a good idea to print umbrellas for your upcoming events. FLYERALARM's online printing offers a stylish range of umbrellas that go from pocket-size to premium sturdy versions. Umbrellas make an ideal accessory at outdoor events, like sporting occasions and markets, where you can easily promote your brand while protecting people from both rain and sun. Additionally, they make a great giveaway at everything from trade fairs to rainy-day celebrations and are a great product for any gift shop.

  • ...that show off your brand to the crowd – and perhaps even the media at high-profile events like sporting fixtures.
  • ...for a perfect giveaway or freebie among trade show or grand opening crowds.
  • ...that personalise a celebration, like a wedding, and help keep your guests comfortable.

Confectionery – it pays to have good taste

A unique way to make your brand name or message a real treat for customers and clients is to wrap it up in something delicious. Print confectionery to display in a treats bowl at your business or on a trade show table, add them to gift bags at celebrations, or hand them out at grand openings. Whatever your customers' taste, we have it covered – bags of fruit jellies or roasted peanuts, wrapped sweets and chocolates, sachets of sugar, boxes or small tins of sweets and so on. No matter what your business may be promoting, everyone enjoys receiving free tasty treats.

Enjoy confectionery printing...

  • ...for a unique way of promoting your hospitality service at reception counters or in guestrooms or while your guests are out and about.
  • ...to advertise kid-friendly events and services by handing out free sweets to the whole family.
  • ...and offer clients or business contacts a delicious gift when visiting your event or shop, or present it to them on holiday occasions.

FLYERALARM – the print shop for your next big event

If you need to print pens at high volume or put ‘Thank you’ messages on free sweets, FLYERALARM can get it done. We offer cost-efficient solutions, high-quality design and printing, and quick turnaround. We handle your printing needs professionally and offer creative ways to take your promotional activity to the next level. Explore how you can custom design and print your next project. And if there's something you don't see, tell us! We are constantly adding new promotional products to make projects as diverse as possible. Feel free to call us or send us an email and tell us how we can help you promote with your next printing project.