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Super-fast printing: We will save your deadline


Ordered today, delivered within a short time? No utopia, instead it is our overnight service. Thanks to sophisticated production processes and fast delivery options, you can already hold your product in your hands within a short time. Depending on the product, place your order at the latest 9am and send us your correct print details. And we will process and print it for you on the same day. Alongside the classics, such as flyers, business cards and folded leaflets, you can also get tarpaulin, panels and magazines overnight. You can recognise all overnight products by the moon symbol in our online shop.

Flyer: Your message in the right hands

Messetheke mit Aluprofilen bei FLYERALARM

Have you just run out of flyers and you need to replenish them quickly? No problem: Thanks to the overnight delivery, you will be able to re-stock your flyer store on the very next day. You then also have the choice between a variety of formats and materials. You can receive 1,000 flyers A5 for as little as €98.891.

1incl. VAT for 1000 copies, A5, 135gsm gloss art paper, 4/4 (excl. VAT €80.40)

Stickers: Advertising that sticks

Textilfalttheke bei FLYERALARM

Brightly designed stickers that will guarantee to get noticed everywhere. And they ensure that your message will sticks in the mind. Our stickers are also an ideal give-away at trade fairs, events or at POS. The small stickers are available in a range of sizes – and if required, also available overnight. We can supply 1,000 square stickers within 24 hours for just €100.702.

2 incl. VAT for 1000 copies, 9.8 x 9.8 cm, 90gsm White adhesive paper, 4/0 (excl. VAT €81.87)

Panels: Large areas, big impact

Roll-Up Classic bei FLYERALARM

Your event is just around the corner and you still urgently need an advertising banner. Yes? We can produce panels super-fast and deliver them on the very next day. So you ensure your advertising will capture the attention you need it to. And also: We not only offer standard panels as overnight delivery; we also deliver panels in your desired format - for barriers, site fences and scaffolds - the day after the order has been placed. One panel 3 x 1 metres in size costs €102.743.

3 incl. VAT per copy, 300 x 100 cm, 500gsm PVC banner, 4/0 (excl. VAT €83.53)

Magazine with saddle stitching: A lot of information overnight

Drop-Flag Indoor bei FLYERALARM

We can print leaflets, catalogues and brochures super-fast. You can order up to 2,500 copies of up to a maximum of 32 pages from us, also overnight. For that, there are a number of different formats to choose from. The metal clips of the saddle stitching ensure a tight hold and a high level of quality. You can receive 1,000 magazines DIN A4 for as little as €426.274.

4 for 1000 copies, A4, 8 pages, 135gsm matt coated paper, 4/4, excl. VAT €346.56

Envelopes with window: That way you get a clear view

Drop-Flag Indoor bei FLYERALARM

With the integrated window, our envelopes will save you having the added task of writing the address. And thanks to the adhesive strip, you don’t have to worry about needing any glue. Simply pull off, stick down and you are done. You can also order envelopes in the DIN long size overnight. 1,000 copies for just €119.955.

5 incl. VAT for 1000 copies, DL, 80gsm offset, 4/0 (excl. VAT €97.52)

Letterheaded paper The classic outstandingly cheap

Drop-Flag Indoor bei FLYERALARM

Is a professional and consistent appearance for your business important to you? Then letterheaded paper from FLYERALARM in your office supplies is a must. Our paper is ideal for your daily correspondence as well as invoicing. You can order up to 5,000 sheets from us and already be using them the next day. You also have different sizes to choose between. You can receive 1,000 sheets in DIN A4 format for as little as €97.96 .

6 incl. VAT for 1000 copies, A4, 90gsm offset, 4/0 (excl. VAT €79.64)