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08.01.2018 - Important notice

We regret to inform you that the FLYERALARM Ireland website will no longer be available from 01.02.2018. We will of course continue to process and deliver any orders made until this date. If you wish to continue to make orders to Ireland following this date, please do so using the following email address: sales@flyeralarm.ie

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Custom Design Placemats Online and Print Placemats in One Go

When it comes to dining, table settings – like placemats and table mats – are nearly as important as the meal. That’s why placemat printing is a great choice for restaurant owners, caterers and organisers of food events. As well as adding to the overall design of the table setting and protecting table tops, placemats and table mat printing offer new opportunities to promote your brand and share valuable information with customers and guests.

Explore the creative options offered by our printing service and serve up more than simply good food. Use our design templates to design placemats that are also menus. Print placemats that help promote local advertisers, share news or feature kid-friendly designs and games. Print table mat designs for easy table clean-up and design table mats that add a personalised touch to each meal – from specially-themed designs to elements of your own brand’s unique style.

Menus –Make it Stand Out

Looking for a different menu display than placemat printing or traditional menu design templates? Along with placemat printing, you can order menu cards and buy menu card holders from our online print shop. A smart addition to any table display, menu cards with holders are an ideal way to share key menu offers. A popular item among catering equipment and table top marketing material, menu card holders keep your menus in pristine condition, from table to table.

Think about buying menu card holders:

  • Easy menu presentation at large catered events.
  • Keep your menu and your restaurant presentations simple and current.
  • Showcase special offers or essential information at a glance.

Posters –Versatile as Ever

Poster printing may not be the first thought when it comes to dining, but it can be a great option. Our design templates for placemat printing also work well for posters, whether in A4 format or another size. Create posters that can be displayed prominently at restaurant counters, turn table placemats into take-away posters, add posters to restaurant décor or offer special posters to make kids’ dining fun. For large events, design table mats and order table mat printing in poster size to really make a statement on large banquet tables. Or print table mat designs onto posters for added decorative appeal.

Printing posters is a great option:

  • Promote information easily throughout the restaurant or catered event.
  • Offer guests a take-away item – for special promotions or for the kids.
  • Add customised coverage at large-scale events.

Flyers – Say Something Special

As well as the options to print placemats or design table mats for table mat printing, you can print flyers. Flyer printing is a great way to advertise in restaurants, by displaying them with our menu card holders or featuring them on countertops, walls and doors or inserting them into covered menus. Design placemats that are also flyers to make the most of promotional opportunities at every meal.

Choose flyer printing:

  • Ideal if you have a lot of different advertisements or special offers to display frequently.
  • A quick and easy handout for your countertops and tables.
  • Market your menu or opening by post, on the table or anywhere else.

FLYERALARM – The Printing Service Designed for You

Design and print placemats or print table mat designs to meet your specific dining needs. Get creative with all the marketing printing options we have available for your business and next big event. FLYERALARM delivers high-quality printing customised for your business. Going beyond dining-related business, our service covers every type of occasion, big or small. Advertise your next big project with the help of FLYERALARM and let us meet all the essential printing needs of your business or event. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and get you printing today.