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08.01.2018 - Important notice

We regret to inform you that the FLYERALARM Ireland website will no longer be available from 01.02.2018. We will of course continue to process and deliver any orders made until this date. If you wish to continue to make orders to Ireland following this date, please do so using the following email address: sales@flyeralarm.ie

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Online design for 6-pager folded leaflets

  • Folded leaflets 6 pages A5

    Format: A5 (14.8 x 21 cm), letter fold

    Wrap your customers around your little finger – with your offers printed on folded leaflets with letter fold. The handy A5 versions are perfect for providing info at the point of sale.

    Image Faltblätter 6-Seiter DIN A5 online gestalten
Relevant products

Folded Leaflet Printing – Print, Fold, Promote

Create a professional and condensed layout for your marketing material with online design and printing. Design online and print folded leaflets that are as informative as they are convenient. Folded leaflets are one of the best ways to deliver your information to customers. Design folded leaflets with our design templates, customise the material and paper sizes, and print folded leaflets of excellent quality that really get results.

Experience the advantages of folded flyer printing for fast distribution of announcements. Design folded flyers and quickly print folded flyers for large-scale marketing mailings. Print folded flyers to simplify your advertisement when promoting special offers, grand openings and other company news.

In the world of essential marketing materials, leaflets and folded flyer printing are excellent ways to get your brand information quickly into the right hands – the customers’ hands, that is.

A Poster That Says It All

Experiment with design templates, paper sizes (A4 etc.) and materials, and discover all we offer forposter printing. Design folded leaflets or folded flyers into a poster for a fun yet informative item that customers can take home with them. Add an interactive element to your poster design by letting your customers unfold the poster, like a map, and discover your brand information piece by piece. Posters are a brilliant way to advertise your business in a generous format, whether foldable or not.

Make the most of online printing for your next poster project:

  • Design folded flyers as poster-format mailers.
  • Promote your message with them at events, outdoors or in shops.
  • Create a marketing giveaway that is also a decorative print.

Flexibly Add Inserts

Print insert sheets for leaflets, binders, books, magazines, portfolios, menus and much more. Add insert sheets to your folded leaflet printing and easily update and add new information to folded leaflets. Print folded flyers as insert sheets for magazines, menus or wherever you want your customers to see your information. Insert sheets allow you to be versatile with your marketing printing and make information changes when necessary.

Print insert sheets for your marketing needs:

  • Make letter fold inserts that fit in between pages of catalogues, books, etc.
  • Efficiently update a page without having to reprint entire leaflets or brochures.
  • Design folded flyers as removable insert sheets customers can easily take and keep.

Throw in a Sticker

Take a look at our sticker printing and add stickers to your online design and printing project. Design folded leaflets, print folded leaflets and insert a sticker to add a bit more life to your marketing material. Turn templates for leaflets into stickers that can be put on anything – doors, windows, walls, office supplies, etc. Select from different sizes and styles to make the perfect sticker for your marketing needs. Stickers are an extra treat when handing out promotional flyers and leaflets, and can also add colourful detail to folded leaflet printing.

Design stickers that hit the mark:

  • Add a playful detail to leaflets and marketing material.
  • Ensure your brand name stands out by making it easy to display everywhere.

FLYERALARM – A Print Shop That Designs and Delivers

Our printing service will help you personalise the marketing material for your next project with professional-quality online design and printing. FLYERALARM meets a variety of business printing challenges and personal printing needs, whether you are promoting an event, ordering supplies or looking for creative ways to get your brand noticed. Folded leaflet printing, folded flyer printing, posters, stickers and banners are just a few of the choices we offer professionals and creative individuals. Order marketing supplies, create communication material for a project, add a personal touch to your business. FLYERALARM guarantees its process won’t overwhelm you. Call us today or drop us an email! We’re here to answer your questions and provide creative solutions to your upcoming printing needs