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Making sure your message sticks

Large-scale, for inside or outside or cut to your desired shape: We offer films in many varieties, formats and versions. You want to make your glass shop front look more attractive, for example? Our adhesive film for shop window promotion sticks securely but can be removed without leaving any trace of residue and can be used again. Individually printed according to your wishes, they become real eye-catchers. Get sticking – we’ve got the ideal film!

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Self-adhesive film:
the classic oversized sticker

Grand plans require equally large-scale advertising – with FLYERALARM self-adhesive film, you’re guaranteed to get your message across. Our film sticks securely inside and outside, and can be used anywhere where you want your advert stuck long-term. In order to avoid tearing, we deliver your individually-designed self-adhesive film in a shipping roll – and for just €44.161.

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1GROSS per pc, 100 x 140 cm, 225 g PVC film white, 4/0 coloured (NET €35.90)


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Self-adhesive film with contour cut:
Space for your desired shapes

Your designed shapes and figures will find their place on FLYERALARM’s self-adhesive film with contour cut. Our adhesive film is available in many formats. You can place up to three closed contours per format. The self-adhesive film with contour cut sticks firmly and securely both inside and outside – and for just €49.182

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2GROSS per pc, DIN A1, one closed contour, 225 g PVC film white, 4/0 coloured (NET €39.98)

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Adhesive films:
PlEye-catching power on smooth surfaces

Thanks to micro suction pad technology, FLYERALARM adhesive film sticks securely to all smooth surfaces. Our film – of course, printed just how you want it – is easy to apply, can be removed without using any residue and can also be repositioned. It makes your business premises, trade fair stands or promotional counters more attractive. The adhesive foil is suitable for inside and is available for just €62.983 .

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3GROSS per pc, 100 x 140 cm, 180 µm polypropylene adhesive film white, 4/0 coloured (NET €51.20)

Make your shop windows more attractive with individually-designed films

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Perforated film:
Light plays for your advertising

One film, two effects: Once applied to your shop window, the FLYERALARM perforated film acts as a privacy screen, which from the outside will look to your customers like a complete advertising surface. However, the perforated PVC film lets light through, meaning that your business premises stay pleasantly bright and airy. We deliver our films in different sizes, but of course in your desired format too. Perforated film is available printed with your logo for just €35.14 4 .

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4GROSS per pc, DIN A1, 4/0 coloured (NET €28.57)

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Behind-glass adhesive film:
clever mirroring

The FLYERALARM behind-glass adhesive film for shop windows is printed mirrored: Apply the film to the inside of your glass window and customers will be dazzled by your advertising from the outside. And if your advertising message needs to migrate: Thanks to suction pad technology, our film can be easily peeled off – without leaving behind any adhesive residue – and be stuck somewhere else. It is also available in two versions: transparent or back-printed white. The transparent version allows your inside rooms to stay bright and airy. Printed white on the back, the behind-glass adhesive film ensures a significantly more brilliant colour rendering and also works like a privacy screen. You can get our films from just €43.675 .

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5GROSS per pc, DIN A1, back-printed white, 4/0 coloured (NET €35.50)