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Vegan stickers

Is animal protection particularly important to you and your customers? That’s great to hear, because it’s very important to us too. The materials, colours and coatings of our vegan stickers are 100% free from animal products – and yet they can do everything other stickers can do too: place a spotlight on your advertising both inside and outside. So, set a good example and advertise with vegan stickers. We only use materials derived from plants or minerals when we produce the stickers.

Vegan outdoor stickers
  • Made from vegan adhesive vinyl
  • White or transparent material
  • From A4 to small sizes
Vegan indoor stickers
  • Made from vegan adhesive paper
  • White material
  • From A4 to mini-sized

Vegan sticker printing & more – make a sustainable difference

Animal protection and sustainability are important modern pursuits where every little bit helps. So, if you use stickers, why not print vegan stickers?! If you are a vegan-friendly brand or you simply want to start using sustainable stickers, FLYERARLARM's custom vegan sticker printing is definitely for you. Help raise awareness of nature with promotional vegan stickers that deliver your message, or design personalised vegan stickers that help you stay true to your vegan principles. Our line of vegan stickers uses animal product-free acrylic-based adhesives, carrier materials coated with gelatine-free compound, and colours that do not contain animal products, either. Great for indoor and outdoor use at events, on packaging and as giveaways, choose from white or transparent, different formats (A4 to small sizes) and different materials (adhesive vinyl, adhesive paper). Print vegan stickers or other similar products and see how good it feels for you and your customers to stay environmentally friendly.

Vegan labels – mark it with care

There are many good reasons to choose vegan options, whether personal or business-driven. If your brand deals with eco-friendly services, animal-free products, or 100% natural brand imaging, then why not print vegan labels? Proudly use vegan sticker printing and label designs that put your customers' minds at rest and confirm your commitment to sustainability as you promote it. Perfect for the packaging of vegan brands, including food and beauty products, organisations promoting animal rights and environmental care, or agriculturally-focused businesses. Print vegan stickers and labels to streamline your packaging demands and have a large roll of them ready for quick giveaways at events or in store.

Vegan gummy bears – share how tasty vegan can be

Using no gelatine and totally delicious, vegan gummy bears make a great giveaway or gift to promote your vegan-friendly business. A brilliant way to share a treat that everyone can enjoy and let customers know how green your credentials are. Parents at kid-friendly events will love how food-conscious you are, vegans will be happy to have their own option and customers who avoid gelatine for other reasons will also be grateful. An excellent promotional gift in the hospitality and food sectors, print vegan jelly bears for a sweet-loving crowd without compromising your standards.

Explore more products that are kind to the environment and nature

Satisfy your promotional needs while taking care of the environment. Our range of eco-friendly printing products includes recycled paper and pens, organic paper cups and t-shirts, reusable advertising displays and cotton bags, and more. Promote your products while promoting the environment and let your customers know how good it feels to choose something that they can reuse or is made from recycled materials. FLYERALARM's printing service makes a conscious effort to care about the environment and animal welfare, whenever possible. We want our impact on the world to be more than simply promotion-led, where possible, and we enjoy making that same choice available to you as well.

FLYERALARM – a more eco-conscious way to print

Printing products do not have to be wasteful or environmentally harmful and, together, we can find new solutions to that age-old problem, one project at a time. FLYERALARM's print shop is adding new ways to promote and spread eco-friendly products – from how you stickt things up, to what you write on, to how you display stuff. All while keeping cost and quality in mind as well! Discover how online printing can be even more personalised than you thought and take extra care in how you deliver it to your customers. After all, your customers don't have to be vegan or conscious of recycling themselves to appreciate that you are. Share your plans for your next project by giving us a call or emailing us, and one of our customer representatives will help you explore the many different ways we can help you get started.