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Mats and flooring

Custom sized vinyl flooring
Indoor floor stickers
Custom sized indoor floor stickers
Outdoor floor stickers
Custom sized outdoor floor stickers

Got a message to share? Don't limit your idea to a single platform

Shout it from the walls, the floors, the furniture, the counter-tops – even from the pavement (where permitted). The FLYERALARM online printing service offers loads of ways to express your creativity, big up your brand message or just have a lot of decorative fun. Whatever you require in the way of brand communication, there's no need to be ordinary about it.

Build your brand message from the ground up – literally

Let's talk about custom doormat printing, because doormats aren't just for wiping feet on. They're there to welcome guests and provide an initial glimpse of what makes your business special and what the customer experience may feel like when they come inside. You know you love your customers, but do they know it? Don't just tell them, show them – by inviting them in in your own original style. FLYERALARM offers a unique collection of custom print doormats, custom print floor stickers and custom print vinyl tiling. It's up to you how you optimise these unique and high&ndashprofile indoor advertising and outdoor advertising options. Whatever you do, we're sure you'll raise some interested eyebrows.

And, since there's no point telling customers they're welcome and then having them slip and fall on their arse, FLYERALARM's custom print doormats are made from non-slip rubber. That's a much smarter way to welcome guests. You can really have fun with doormat printing because you can create as many different designs and messages as you want, and change them often. Start by ordering your doormats with logo and build your campaign from there.

Floor sticker printing. Because floors are people, too

They're actually not, but they deserve some special attention. After all, nobody gets walked all over like floors do. Get them involved. Make them a point of interest. They can become quite interesting and engaging when you put some thought into them. They're great for sharing your brand message in a creative way. FLYERALARM's custom print floor stickers are so easy to apply and remove (residue-free). They're also certified non-slip, really easy to clean and can be applied just about anywhere. They're available in standard and custom sizes and in indoor and outdoor finishes. From promo events to trade-show stands to your shop or gallery floors, personalised floor stickers can:

  • provide a unique outlet for indoor advertising as well as outdoor advertising.
  • reinforce your brand message in an original way.
  • intrigue customers and lead the way to special promo products or points of interest.
  • provide instructions in your brand's unique style.
  • supplement product information in front of shop displays.
  • direct customers to the toilets.
  • market directly to shy people.
  • help coordinate your interior design.

If custom print doormats and custom print floor stickers don't take you as far as you want to go, FLYERALARM is happy to let you know that we can also custom print vinyl floor tiling for total coordination of your shop's design. Streamline the whole look of your business or office space. A little ingenuity can go a long way in promoting your brand communication.

Want fewer limits? In addition to personalised doormats and personalised floor stickers, check out more amazin and simple custom print décor options from your favourite, friendly online printing service.

We aim to be your go-to, one-stop online print shop for everything you need in custom printed media.