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08.01.2018 - Important notice

We regret to inform you that the FLYERALARM Ireland website will no longer be available from 01.02.2018. We will of course continue to process and deliver any orders made until this date. If you wish to continue to make orders to Ireland following this date, please do so using the following email address: sales@flyeralarm.ie

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Wall calendars

Wall calendars with adhesive binding
Wall calendars with spiral binding
Wall calendars with staple binding

Layout templates 2017

Free layout templates for 2017
  • annual planner
  • wall calendars with wire-o-binding
  • wall calendars with cardboard back
  • deck calendars with wire-o-binding and pre-punched support

Print calendars – keep your customers up to date

Calendar printing is useful for all types of businesses that want a convenient way for customers to remember their name and important dates. A calendar with photos, for example, is a great way for people or organisations to showcase promotional photos. A traditional calendar with weeks is a great addition to any office or kitchen. Design personalised calendars that help your customers remember their appointments, as well as your brand. Choose to print calendars in different formats (A5, A4, A3), layout templates, bindings (glue, spiral, staple), alignment (vertical, horizontal) and different colours in order to best display your message or advertise your products or services.

Desk calendars – make calendar promotion work for you

No matter how technically savvy your clients or customers are, there's always room for a desk calendar at work or at home. Print desk calendars and take advantage of all those calendar pages by displaying your company information or logo. Calendar printing is ideal for companies that need to promote certain dates – such as annual events or special holiday celebrations – and calendars with pictures make a brilliant low-cost giveaway at professional trade shows, corporate events and grand openings.

Let us handle your desk calendar printing...

  • ...to help personalise your team's and business contacts' office space.
  • ...for great freebie handouts at large events or in store.
  • ...to promote a good cause via a convenient end-of-year gift.

Poster printing – print dates that get seen

If you want to make a wall calendar for everyone in the office, the shop or at home to see, then consider poster printing. Make sure everyone around you stays organised by exhibiting the days of the week in a poster format that clearly labels relevant holidays, employee holidays, special celebrations and so much more. Does a customer need something by a certain date? Direct them to the convenient poster calendar on the wall next to the counter rather than fumbling to bring up digital calendars. Our printing services lets you choose from standard poster sizes, larger formats, all-weather material, neon colours, self-adhesive backing and more.

  • ...and promote events your organisation or event space have coming up with a customised poster calendar taped to the door or wall.
  • ...to create a custom yet handy calendar with eye-catching pictures of places, animals or people.
  • ...and highlight important dates to remember to employees, team members, students, parents, etc.

Flyers – for your customers' on-the-go needs

Flyers may not seem the first choice for calendar printing. However, if your target customer or client are already used to taking information away with them – kids and parents at schools, members of social organisations, sports teams, to name a few – then consider whether your best option is to print flyers. Print calendars and hand them out as flyers to keep everyone up to date with upcoming events or special occasions at your organisation, company or shop. Is your organisation offering kids' swimming lessons this month? Are you running any food specials on Wednesdays? Whatever your business, let it be known by promoting your weekly or monthly specials and events with personalised calendar flyers that everyone can tack up on their fridge, wall or keep handy at home or at work.

Get the most out of your calendar flyers...

  • ...and show off your special offers to customers every month.
  • ...by keeping residents or local members updated about upcoming events.

Save the date with FLYERALARM

Discover our many print shop options, including calendar printing. FLYERALARM's printing service offers a convenient range of calendar products, as well as free layout templates. We go above and beyond to deliver options that meet the needs of your budget, timescale and design specifications. For businesses, we can make suggestions that might help better target your marketing to customers. For personal projects, we let you design something truly unique that will convey your style and/or message to friends and family. We invite you to explore online and check out our many promotional products available for printing. Or simply give us a call or drop us an email and chat with one of our representatives.