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  • Annual planner, A1

    Format: A1 (84 x 59.4cm)

    Whether in your own office or that of your clients and partners: An annual planner is essential, to have an overview of all appointments, birthdays, holidays etc.

    Jahresplanner  online gestalten
  • Annual planner, A2

    Format: A2 (59.4 x 42cm)

    Be sure not to forget anything and have all appointments to hand – an annual planner makes this possible. Simply select the layout and customise it for your own needs.

    Jahresplanner  online gestalten
  • Annual planner, A3

    Format: A3 (42 x 29.7cm)

    Simply select the design and customise it with your logo and according to your desires – and your annual planner is ready. Not only for your own walls, but also those of your clients.

    Jahresplanner  online gestalten
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