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Wear your brand with pride thanks to FLYERALARM's custom print polo shirts

Quality polo shirts get worn. Manky polo shirts get left in the drawer. Don't be mortified by your organisation's print polo shirts. FLYERALARM offers custom embroidered and transfer print polo shirts you can be proud of. You might think a polo shirt is just a polo shirtbut you'd be wrong. The unwritten rule of corporate fashion is this: the quality of the clothing you select makes as much of a statement as the brand you print on it. Don't make your brand's mark on cheap, low-quality polo shirts.

People are going to gawk at your shirt so make that work for your brand

If you want people to wear your company's personalised polo shirts in public, you need to select fabrics and cuts that don't look cheap, bulky or faded, or that feel stiff and sack-like, or just plain skimpy. Cheap looks cheap. Affordable quality, however, can look very good. FLYERALARM's custom print polo shirts are available in three quality levels – very good, better and best – all at reasonable prices.

When it comes to corporate clothing, looks really do mean a lot. You're working hard to market your brand. Give it a leg up, don't make it look like a hand-me-down. When people see your employees or event attendees going around in cool, cotton polos in fashionable cuts featuring your brand's logo (in your choice of two locations), they'll know you take pride in your business. And FLYERALARM offers polo shirt printing on fabrics you can be proud to put your logo on. Our range includes polo shirt embroidering on basic, standard and premium styles.

What's great about FLYERALARM custom print polo shirts?

  • We offer an accommodating range of shirt sizes (XS to 4XL).
  • You can choose from embroidered or digital transferred logos. Both can be executed in full colour.
  • Your logo can appear twice on your custom print polo shirt. You can choose any combination from nine different locations (left or right chest, left or right sleeve, left or right bottom hem, across the back, across the chest, along the neck band).
  • We can take polo shirt printing orders for quantities as low as five.
  • We offer shirts in lots of different colours.
  • Our personalised polo shirts are available in fashionable cuts (including women's cut shirts).
  • Button colour can be matched to the shirt colour (on all of our polo shirt styles).
  • Our brand selection includes: Fruit of the Loom (100% cotton); ID Identity (95% cotton, 5% elastane – pique finish with stretch); Pomodoro (100% combed, pique quality cotton; durable with a firmer, but not stiff, feel and fit).
  • When you buy personalised polo shirts in bulk, you can really save spondulicks.

Who looks great in polo shirts? Polo players. And pretty much everyone else.

Polo shirts are neat, sharp and sporty. Print custom polo shirts with logos, custom polo shirts with sayings or even with your family crest (Don't have one? Make one up. Who makes the rules here, anyway?) Here are just some of the places where you can score big when you print polo shirts or embroider polo shirts:

  • In the office or showroom.
  • In retail or service businesses, as a comfortable, uniform work top.
  • At trade fairs.
  • At company away-days.
  • At corporate get-togethers.
  • At promotional events.
  • On event staff and service personnel.
  • On school students.
  • On club members. Yes, this includes polo club members.
  • At family gatherings.

Submit your polo shirt printing order today – it takes us about two weeks to turn it around (this includes both polo shirt embroidering and transfer printed), based on your shipping location.

At FLYERALARM, we're passionate about our beautiful, custom polo shirt embroidering. We're also passionate about embroidering and custom printing lots of other things. The FLYERALARM online printing service provides corporate fashion of many kinds. So, whatever your passion, you wear it on your sleeve – or your heart – and put your brand message in front of lots of eyeballs.

Check out our fantastic Flexifit caps, our equally fantastic, lightweight and cuddly print fleece blankets, or create your own gift clothing, linens and other novelties on FLYERALARM's custom print fabrics – we've got jersey cotton made from soft materials (cotton, elastane), tracksuit cotton and double jersey, printed as textiles for you to create from. And, as always, we're proud to be your favourite one-stop online print shop.