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Meetings and conferences


Workshop box
  • two sizes available: standard or maxi
  • colour and black Eddings in different sizes
  • paper in different colours and sizes
  • cutter, glue stick, sticky dots and much more
  • from €106.79 gross (standard)
Workshop bag
  • for a practical and safe transport
  • 24 coloured and black Eddings
  • rectangular, oval and round paper in different colours
  • scissors, glue stick, sticky dots, masking tape and much more
  • from €130.63 gross


  • greeting and invitation cards
  • letterheaded paper and envelopes
  • postcards
  • advertising products
  • name tags and buttons
  • wristbands and plastic cards
  • flags and advertising boards
  • everything you need for a smooth event
Equipment for presentations
  • workshop boxes
  • stationary
  • information supplies
  • shirts
  • blouses
  • polo shirts
  • t-shirts
Refreshments and snacks
  • sweet advertising
  • salty snacks
  • mugs and glasses
  • paper plates and cups


  • letterheaded paper and envelopes
  • business cards and notepads
  • ring binders and calendars
  • and many more products
  • for the reception, lobby and room
  • information for the guests
  • sport and wellness
  • corporate fashion