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Presentation Folders - Glued

Presentation folders with glued pocket
Presentation folders with two glued pockets

How much do we love personalised glued presentation folders with logos?

We really love them. We love them as much as we love being one of the largest, friendliest and most helpful online print shop in the world. We could do a whole presentation about how much we love glued presentation folders printing and then assemble it into a custom printed glued presentation folder, featuring our brand logo, of course.

When opportunity knocks unexpectedly and you haven't got time to bind, glued presentation folders will showcase your last-minute meeting ideas in a polished, professional-looking package. Accompanied by your business brochure, your natural salesmanship and passion, you're sure to nail that key deal.

With a firmly glued pocket (1 or 2 pocket options, actually), FLYERALARM's attractive, sleek, sturdy, silk SBS board folders with protective coating surround your presentations in style. Your custom image(s) printed either on the front or on the front/back and an inner pre-punched slot for business cards polish off the look. Many of our customers include custom print glued presentation folders in their basic stock of print presentation accessories, always having some on hand. We recommend this, as you never know when that important business investor might drop in and leave you with little time to prep. Always at the ready, this most basic item of presentation equipment is easy to store and invaluable to have on hand at:

  • investor presentations.
  • client meetings.
  • in-house strategy and team meetings.
  • office equipment and supply purchase meetings.
  • brainstorm sessions.
  • employee training sessions and induction kits.
  • business seminars.
  • gallery exhibitions.
  • fundraising auctions.
  • trade shows, marketing and myriad corporate events.
  • and then some. We're proud to say, our custom print glued presentations folders have been handed out around the world.

Print glued presentation folders gather your papers together and feature them in an organised, professional light. Streamlining your brand image from banner to business card (and everything in between) is how it becomes a consistent presence on your customers' (and potential customers') radars. Your reputation begins with recognition.

At FLYERALARM, we provide the tools and marketing experience that help give our customers an edge. Recommending custom printing glued presentation folders, prepared and ordered and stored in advance, is advice we give based on years of experience. Designed to accommodate A4 papers up to a thickness of 5mm, with easy-load diagonal pockets, we hope you'll consider our advice and our custom glued presentation folders printing service, along with the many other custom printing marketing services we offer.

Because there's a lot more in store

Glued presentation folders printing services are just one of the many ways businesses can boost their brand image. And they're just a small part of what we do. The FLYERALARM print shop provides access to thousands and thousands of custom print products for business.

And speaking of other invaluable custom online printing services, we think you might be interested in stocking some of these fine marketing tools as well: your custom branded print clipboard folders (laminated with linen finish, double-side printable with 10mm clipping mechanism), your custom print folded leaflets (in lots of sizes and folding styles) and your custom print booklets. Assorted styles and binding types are offered to help you tell your business story in your unique style and with utmost class.

When it comes to providing presentation equipment that maximises our customers' timeframes and budgets, we take our business, and the clients we serve, very seriously. Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

FLYERALARM's mission is to make online printing as seamless and straightforward as possible for all our customers, big and small. Our vast assortment of custom printable marketing materials is second to none. We're Europe's largest print shop but our dedicated customer service will make you feel like you're our only customer. Think of us for all your printing service needs.