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Brochures with staple binding
  • Binding with two metal staples
  • Offset print
  • Available in many different sizes
  • Available Overnight, minimum order 2,500 units
Brochures with loop binding
  • Binding with loops on the left side
  • For filing in ring binders
  • From 250 units
Brochures with spiral binding
  • Spiral binding on the left
  • Spiral binding in black, silver or white
  • 8 to 96 pages
  • From 50 units
Soft cover (digital print) print runs of 1 to 100 units
  • Soft SBS board cover
  • Inner part available in different materials
  • From 1 unit
Soft cover (offset print) from runs of 200 to 10,000 units
  • Soft cover available in different materials
  • Express Delivery available
  • From 200 units

Brochure printing – meeting your modern marketing needs

Excellent presentation value, informative and professional – all reasons why brochures are effective as a marketing tool. Print brochures with covers (soft, hard etc.), binding (staple, spiral, loop etc.) or as books, notebooks and catalogues. FLYERALARM's extensive brochure printing includes brochures for business and personalised brochures, delivering expert presentation in the boardroom, to customers' letterboxes or to guests at a family celebration. Brochures always deliver the perfect amount of information you want to convey and are a staple of all great marketing material. While companies, universities and shops rely on promotional brochures to keep customers up to date, there is also a wide range of brochure formats that offer creative and personalised solutions to brands and individuals looking to showcase things such as art work, recipes or family histories. Our online printing is designed to cover all your material needs, so customise away!

Say it all with a book

While traditional brochure printing may provide basic information about a company or organisation, sometimes there's a lot more worth telling. Print brochures in a modern book form when your story or research needs more pages to come alive. From art to academia, personalised book printing is an essential way to present a specific theme to a select audience, allowing them to experience your words in a high-value package. Print books that beautifully illustrate your images in silk lamination, choose your print-run size in either hard or soft cover, select either our digital printing service for basic projects or our offset printing for highly-detailed editions. Be assured that books will never go out of style! They continue to serve as a valuable tool in many professions, as well as a convenient way for small brands and creatives to avail of small print-run self-publishing for friends and followers.

Catalogues – the workhorses of your marketing

Print brochures that beautifully show off your products and services to customers. Providing just the right amount of information and imagery in a convenient layout, catalogues are always useful for perusing, often repeatedly. While websites may be the first stop for many new customers, catalogues give customers instant access to what you offer when visiting you onsite or at an event. Print catalogues to show off featured works, products or services – complete with high-quality images to match. Easy to grab and providing a quick overview of all your essential details, catalogues are what customers often request most from a business. Popular among brands and organisations promoting their work and story, our print shop delivers catalogue printing of both the best quality and right quantity for your needs.

Notebooks – for information worth jotting down

Print brochures when you have information worth reading and print notebooks when it's worth jotting down. Our brochure printing allows you to print up notebooks as a useful addition to meetings and conferences, or present a personalised one as a stationery gift. Our selection includes workbooks and faux-leather journals, as well as environmentally friendly paper and notebook paper in plain, graph or lined. This print selection is the perfect accessory for workshops or informational events – where notepads (as well as pens) are always in high demand. Personalise your notebook choice and use them as a promotional gift for business contacts, clients, or students, or keep them for in-office use. No matter how digitally savvy your audience, notebooks are always welcomed and a useful way to share your message.

FLYERALARM – the print shop for your information

There is brochure printing, and then there's printing that gives new meaning to the word brochure. FLYERALARM is forward-thinking in its design and approach to print products, making it as personalised and detailed as possible. We understand that you have big orders, high standards and unique marketing needs. That's why our printing services go beyond the basics to meet as many budgets, demands and original ideas as possible. Marketing isn't easy, but we do make it easier with our vast selection of printing products. At FLYERALARM, we're here to meet your deadlines, deliver beautiful, quality printing and offer one-of-a-kind products for your next project. Still have questions? Simply pick up the phone or drop us an email, and one of our representatives will be in touch straight away.