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DVD envelopes with a flap closing

DVD envelopes with a flap closing

Chic and stylish

This envelope folds shut to make an ideal gift package for your CDs. 4/4 double sided print (full colour), means there is nothing holding your creativity back.

Under ‘Options’, you can order additional plastic trays to stick into the envelopes. Transparent trays are available, which allow the print underneath to be seen. Alternatively, just attach your DVDs with our self-adhesive clips or foam dots.

Product details: Unfolded finished format 24 x 41.8cm, envelope capacity 6mm, punched, creased, delivered unfolded

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1. Material

300gsm silk coated paper

300gsm silk coated paper

  • White
  • Silk
  • Paper volume 1.1
  • High opacity