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Get packing:
Discover our wide range of packaging
e.g. 500 boxes with removable lid
£1.29 incl. VAT/unit*
*£1.07 excl. VAT/unit, £643.98 incl. VAT/total, 16 x 12 x 6 cm, SBS board, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
Full control with
personalised wristbands
e.g. 1,000 fabric wristbands, printed
£325.20 incl. VAT*
*£271.00 excl. VAT, satin band, white Fast Lock, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
New products in June
Starting now, discover and print parasols, hammocks, promotional wristbands and many other print products, promotional gifts and innovative advertising products.
Guaranteed success –
with our banners
e.g. 1 banner, 200 x 100cm
£33.43 incl. VAT*
*£27.83 excl. VAT, 500gsm PVC banner, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
Make your event a success
For advertising, hospitality, clothing, seating, decoration or organisation: you’ll find everything you need for a successful event here.
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Discover our products


  • DL, 300gsm silk paper
    double sided matt dispersion coating, 4/4 double sided print (full colour)
    £57.16 incl. VAT
    £53.00 incl. VAT
    £44.17 excl. VAT
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    2,500 flyers
  • 360gsm cotton, seat size: 110 x 220cm, suspension rope, with metal ring
    save 10%
    on all print runs
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  • Kraft paper, 23 x 10 x 32cm, brown, 1/0 double sided print
    save 10%
    on all print runs
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    Basic paper bag with twisted cord handle
  • Men's and women's, 8 colours, range of sizes, can be printed or stitched in two positions
    save 10%
    on all configurations and
    print runs
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    Basic t-shirts
  • 30.5 x 22cm (for A4 landscape), 4/0 single sided print, book binder's cloth, 5 colours
    save 10%
    on all print runs
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    Covered menus
  • DL, 250gsm gloss paper, 4/4- double sided print, with personalisable design template
    save 10%
    on all print runs
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    Flyers, design online
  • 8.5 x 5.5cm, 300gsm silk paper, double sided matt lamination, 4/4 double sided print
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    Business cards with soft touch lamination
  • Staple bound on the left side, A4 portrait, 32 pages, 135gsm matt paper, 4/4 double sided print
    delivery times next day:
    1 - 2 working days
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    Brochures - next day delivery
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