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Who we are

Launched as a sole trade business 10 years ago became one of the leading online printing company in Europe with 2,000 high-qualified employees in the FLYERALARM group.

What we do

We print everything the customer needs, from high-gloss brochures up to posters – fast, at fair prices and of outstanding quality. You need proof? Almost 300,000 customers including many well-known advertising agencies cannot be wrong. Day-to-day more than 250 tons of papers leave our production halls. We are completing an average of 10,000 orders every day and are dispatching up to 15,000 packages meanwhile.

Our huge range of products implies more than 900 products in 3 million variations! Beside classic print products, we do also provide advertising products and many products you would not expect from a printing company – printed deck chairs, beverage cans and many more.

Where to find us

Apart from our online shop, you can also find us in our FLYERALARM store in London. There we answer all questions about your print requests personally.

If you prefer to settle enquiries by telephone, please contact our Customer Service Centre under the phone number 020 3 180 1522.

The production sites of the FLYERALARM group are based in Germany, around Würzburg and Dresden. Our products are available in Germany, as well as the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy and Poland by now.

Why our prices are that fair

We have sophisticated our printing processes as good as possible. Thereby we developed the cumulative printing, where we accumulate several orders and place them on the same printing sheet. Sounds easy, but concerning the production procedure it is a highly complicated matter.

Whenever we improve a process or reduce the production costs for a product, we immediately pass the saving on to you directly.

How we integrate environmental protection into our work

With our collect-run production, we produce environmentally friendly so that up to 70 percent less CO2 is emitted than with a conventional commercial printer.

Our ambition is a long-term development of this process to conserve as many resources as possible in the whole manufacturing process - because: environmental protection is our concern.