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About us

FLYERALARM is one of the leading online printing companies in the B2B market in Europe, and of the largest e-commerce companies in Germany - but it is still very young. Since 2002, the printing specialists from Wuerzburg have been showing the world how smart ordering print products can be. FLYERALARM now has around 2,400 employees, and generated a turnover of more than 385 million euros in 2019.

In spite of this rapid growth, the company has maintained its ‘can-do’ mentality and kept its unique start up spirit. This attitude shaped the corporate culture from day one - and remains the reason why the company has successfully managed to tap into so many business areas over the years. Today, FLYERALARM not only supplies print products, but also marketing services and advertising media of all kinds for a wide-reaching, faultless brand image. Flyeralarm.com has over three million print, wide format and display, promotional and clothing items on offer.

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Perfect timing: up to 15,000 orders a day

Printing is in our DNA: we process around 15,000 orders daily - dispatching 22,000 parcels so that they arrive with our customers as quickly as possible. Many of these are delivered the day after the order was placed thanks to our Next Day Delivery service. A key component of our corporate philosophy is customer service - we have a personal hotline, call-back and interactive web chat services. Soi far, over 1.5 million customers have benefited from the FLYERALARM service concept. This concept is topped off by local branches in Germany and Europe – a FLYERALARM USP.

The main aim of FLYERALARM is to keep making our customers more successful. And this customer focus has been officially recognised. FLYERALARM won the ‘Fairness award’ every year since 2014 - first place in the category for online printing companies, based on a survey of more than 40,000 participants. FLYERALARM was also recognised for its technological achievements. The company was awarded the “Digital Champions Award” in 2016 for digitising its processes, as well as the “GD Management Award” in 2018. As well as this, Thorsten Fischer (CEO and founder of FLYERALARM) was awarded with the “Bavarian Print Prize” in 2018 by the Bavarian Minister President. The honorary prize is awarded to people who have rendered outstanding services to Bavarian print media. The Print & Media Award for "Training Company of the Year 2018" underlines that the promotion of young talent is an important component for the development of the company.

FLYERALARM: ‘printed in Germany’

Since our founding in 2002, we have always put an emphasis on quality. All FLYERALARM print products are ‘printed in Germany’. The company produces exclusively at our eight German production locations (3 x Wuerzburg, Greussenheim, Marktheidenfeld, Veitshoechheim, Klipphausen and Kesselsdorf). Our focus is on high-quality products that are sustainably manufactured with a highly modern range of machinery. Our fair conditions always make sure the customer is offered the best possible price (best-price strategy), shipping options which meet the customers’ needs and personal consultation together make up FLYERALARM’s ‘printed in Germany’ label.

The company is active in 13 other countries as well as Germany: Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, France, Austria, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden as well as Belgium and Switzerland. Customers from these countries can use FLYERALARM services in their own language and visit our local stores. FLYERALARM. All products that are ordered are produced in Germany as soon as the order is placed and then sent on via our logistics partners.

FSC™ and PEFC™ certification

As well as saving a considerable amount of CO₂ thanks to an efficient batch print process and climate neutral print, FLYERALARM has also offered paper sourced from sustainable forestry since the start of 2019. The company is certified according to the standards of the FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) - the best known certification systems of their kind.

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