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Window vinyl

Print window films - in your design

Our printable films specifically for your display windows and glass facades allow you to professionally showcase your business premises and products. Our behind-glass adhesive film, for example, sticks securely but can be removed without leaving any trace of residue and is reusable. Looking for something more permanent? Our decorative film for glass sticks permanently like our perforated film and self-adhesive film and is a real eye-catcher when printed in your unique design. Get sticking – we have the ideal film for you.

What sort of window film would you like to print? Classic external fixation, behind the window pane or as a translucent perforated film? Select your favourites!

Whether permanently adhesive or reusable, translucent or opaque: You can choose from three different adhesive films in various DIN formats: window décor foil, behind glass adhesive film or perforated film. Want to stick your message on a glass surface that does not fit a DIN format? Not a problem. Simply order your image in your desired size. Up to a maximum 300 x 140cm, we can immediately print the window films online.

→ Window décor foil can be printed as an opaque and translucent version at our online printing shop. Window décor foil with a sandblasted look is a great for sticking on display windows and glass doors. Use the film, for example, as an advertising medium on your window pane and at the same time as a protective layer such as translucent glass film for indoors. It is easy to stick on from the outside, while the silver and crystal effect produces rich, vibrant colours that will make your desired design noticeable even from afar.

→ Behind glass adhesive film: Stick our behind glass adhesive film to the inside of your display window and dazzle your customers with your advertising from the outside.Thanks to micro-suction technology, the film sticks without adhesive yet firmly and securely to all smooth surfaces

and can be removed without leaving any residue. You can have the film printed online in the transparent version or back-printed white.

→ Perforated film is practical and effective. This film is perfect for sticking onto transparent surfaces such display windows and glass facades, and creates pleasant lighting in interior rooms. Your advertising graphic is easy to see from the outside while creating a soft lighting effect on the inside.

The right combination: Which products can be used as alternatives or in a complimentary fashion?

Our fabric banners are just as perfect for embellishing your display windows. You can get the online printed banner in three different materials: classic polyester fabric, robust mesh fabric or shiny satin fabric. And they are practical too: replacing your advertising design is thus no problem at all.
Your shop is closed and you want to give your customers something to take back home? Use our wide range of brochure holders. Attach them to the window pane or door, so prospective customers can simply take along your brochures, business cards or flyers.