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Printed paper cups

Advertising to take away

A powerful slogan, a distinctive design or a funny saying – make your cups exciting and advertise at the same time! Whether disposable printed paper cups, espresso paper cups or ice-cream cups: design innovative containers for treats of all kinds and order them online. We have special voucher cups for when it comes to special promotional campaigns and competitions. Like all our other cups, they too are made from food-safe cardboard and are odourless as well as taste neutral.

If you want to offer your customers something more permenant, our online FLYERALARM print shop offers you printed cups . They are made from high-quality ceramic and are guaranteed to be good for more than just one cup of coffee!

Single-walled, double-walled, perfectly delicious

Our double-walled disposable printed paper cups provide optimum comfort for hot drinks. They keep your hands cool, even though the cup's contents are hot! They are also very sturdy and can be printed in a variety of ways. The single-walled disposable paper cups are ideally suited for serving cold drinks at sporting events, trade fairs or festivals, for example.

Both versions are available in sizes 200ml and 300ml, and you can choose between a white or a black lid. The cups are made of glossy 300gsm white cardboard with a polyethylene coating on the inside.

To help you and your customers carry many cups, we offer handy cup holders. We stock models for carrying four or five cups at a time, made of sturdy 390gsm kraft cardboard and can of course be custom printed at FLYERALARM.

The little cup for on the road

Our paper espresso cup can hold up to 100ml, making it perfect for a little caffeine boost and many other beverages. The only condition is that the drinks aren't hotter than 80 degrees Celsius. Give your cup that extra special something by personalising it in full tone colours. Bright colours ensure your message gets seen!

Ice cream, snacks and all things delicious

Everyone loves ice cream, especially when the weather gets hotter! Summer is the best time to start advertising on ice cream cups. To ensure that they are particularly robust, they are made of glossy, white 300gsm cardboard with a PE coating on the inside. Choose from two sizes (8oz/ 200ml and 12oz/ 300ml) and customise them.

Just because we call them ice cream cups does mean you can't use them for anything else. They work great holding sweets, popcorn, peanuts, or whatever else you want to offer your guests or customers.

To keep your customers' hands clean, napkins are a useful product. They also come in various sizes and with a range of finishes.

Another great campaign ideas – printed voucher cups

Voucher cups are ideally suited for special campaigns. You can use coupons to market your own products as a gift or print discount coupons in the walls of the cups. Customer can see if they have won after peeling back the coupon patch. They could be in for a big surprise, or just have fun using the cool product.

Use them at trade fairs to rouse the interest of potential customers. Visitors who don’t drink the contents right away will carry the cups across the exhibition grounds, ensuring that your message is seen by many other visitors. These cups should not be missing at the summer or Christmas party either, allowing you, for example, to highlight the best moments of the last month or the year. Or you can print the latest message to your employees on the inside. Or print them as a picture puzzle.

A competition usually requires more detailed explanations and conditions of participation. Print these on flyer printing or folded leaflets printing at FLYERALARM and pass them along to your customers.