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Sweeten your advertising message with our printed confectionery

Whether it's trade fair visitors, restaurant guests or passing trade in front of your store – treat your customers to a tasty treat. Our sweet promotional gifts can be customised - so use this opportunity, cheer up your customers with some printed sweets. They will love them, and love your company! Print your logo on bags of fruit gums or packs of dextrose for high-quality promotional gifts.

What would you like to order? Something for the conference room, or a new promotional product for your store?.

Be inspired by our range, and choose the sweet to suit you.

You can print a variety of personalised sweets in our online printing shop.: fruit gums, chocolate bars and shapes, sugar sticks, raspberry sweets. Design your own personal sweet advertising with ease. Here are just a few of our most popular products.

10g packets of fruit gums - both adults and children will love these. The front of the fruit gum bags can be printed according to individual specifications. The tasty fruit gums come in a variety of shapes to match many occasions. There are the classic little bears, hearts, cars, thumbs up or shapes with a Christmas or football theme. The range of flacours is just as wide: orange, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, pineapple and raspberry flavours. We print the perfect sweet for you for every occasion.

  • Mini sweet tins filled with Tic Tac Fresh Mints®, Tic Tac Fresh Orange® or a Pulmoll® mixture: lime & mint, orange, or berry mix. Your customers will love them. The mini sweet tins work perfectly as a refreshing little treat for your customers and business partners and are therefore great in meeting rooms or at trade fairs and events. The front of the aluminium tin can be completely customised.
  • None of our customers can say no to our miniature chocolate bars. The small milk chocolate bars are the ideal promotional gift - use them to advertise at trade fairs, your shop or your business. The packaging can be completely customised. These bars will impress your customers - not only do they taste and look great, but they are also a truly original idea.
  • Give your adverts and customers an energy kick! Design the front of Dextro Energy brand packets of dextrose and give them out to your customers to spread your message and brand. We all know that after a long meeting, everyone needs an burst of energy!

The right combination: find the best products to go with our printed sweets

Would you like to post your tasty promotional gift? Browse through our range of product packaging. Our online printing shop prints everything in your corporate design, thus ensuring double the advertising impact. The packaging also protects your products. Whether as a gift or protective box, whether rectangular, square or cylindrical, with us you will find the right casing for your sweet advertising.

What about printing flyers for your customers? You could hand them over along with the treats in order to make them aware of your company, your discount campaigns or your latest newsletter.