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How to make your outdoor event a real success

So wird Ihre Outdoor-Veranstaltung zum Erfolg

Spring is just around the corner - bringing along the prelude to a new outdoor season. With the variety of FLYERALARM outside event equipment, you will make a perfect impression in 2016 as well. From flags, banners and deck chairs to event wrist bands, admission tickets and napkins: we offer you everything to make your outdoor event something your customers and partners will always fondly recall. We print your products according to your wishes – fast, high-quality, and at reasonable prices.

Practical hospitality products for outdoors

Practical hospitality products for outdoors

The most important thing at your event is catering your guests. It’s best to serve drinks in our single-walled paper cups. They are food-safe as well as odour and taste neutral. Get 1,000 paper cups in your design for £287.77 gross1.

Serve your snacks in style with our napkins - printed with your corporate design. Get 960 napkins printed all over for £172.86 gross2. You main course can be served on our practical paper plates. Protective film lamination prevents the handy serving plates from softening due to moisture. We can provide you with 1,000 paper plates for £349.79 gross3.

1 £325.20 net, 0.3 litres, 300gsm cardboard glossy white, polyethylene-coated interior, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
2 £194.03 net, 33 x 33 cm, 3-ply tissue, printed all over, 4/0 single sided print (full colour), in packs of 20 wrapped in plastic
3 £392.70 net, 24 cm diameter, laminated, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)

Professional outdoor event furnishings

Professional outdoor event furnishings

Offer your guests top-class relaxation: our deck chairs without armrests are ideal for relaxing. We’ll provide you with a deck chair with washable mesh fabric, printed in your design, for £49.24 gross4.Your event features table groups with chairs or benches? Then our seat pads are perfectly suitable. The washable cover is completely customisable and envelops the comfortable PUR foam core. You can get a seat pad for a mere £34.04 gross5.

Our softshell jackets will ensure that your staff looks professional when representing your company at your event. The breathable and waterproof jackets stand up to all weather conditions and can be customised with print or stitched. Get five softshell jackets for men, embroidered with your logo, for £228.64 gross6. Besides our jackets, striking advertising media can also catch the eyes of your guests: e.g. balloons. Printed in your design, your logo or a witty slogan, the balloons are popular with young and old alike and are gladly taken home as a souvenir. You can let 50 balloons fly for £69.92 gross7.

4 £41.03 net, system incl. print, solid wood beech incl. clear protective coating, 300gsm mesh fabric, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
5 £28.37 net, 40 x 40 x 3 cm, with zipper, 220gsm of polyester fabric (100% polyester), 4/0 single sided print (full colour)
6 £190.53 net, , 95% polyester, 5% elastane, basic colour black, stitched on the right at chest-level
7 £58.27 net, 27 cm diameter, basic colour light blue, 1/0 single sided print (black)

Printed products for organised admission

Printed products for organised admission

To ensure that your guests can quickly and easily pass through the admission point, we offer you a number of practical printed products. You can choose between admission tickets and plastic cards, for example. Control access to restricted areas in style with fabric event wristbands or visually appealing lanyards.

  • 5,000 DL admission tickets for £170.83 gross (£142.36 net, 300gsm matt coated paper, double-sided matt dispersion varnish, 1 x perforated and 1 x numbered, 4/4 double-sided print)
  • 500 plastic cards for £131.14 gross (£ 109.28 net, 8.6 x 5.4 cm, 600 µm PVC card, glossy transparent film on both sides, 4/4 double-sided print)
  • 500 event wristbands Tyvek® for £48.10 gross (£40.08 net, 25 x 1.9 cm, neon yellow, double numbering incl. tear-off perforation, 1/0 single sided print)
  • 250 Lanyards for £164.77 gross (£137.31 net, 100% polyester, ribbon length approx. 90-95 cm, ribbon width 1.5 cm, 4/0 single sided print , trapezoidal snap)

Advertising products for your event promotion

Werbetechnik für Ihre Event-Promotion

Our hoisting flags for masts with side arms allow you to promote your brand while showing your guests the way to your event. We’ll provide you with flags made of washable flag fabric, including loops, snap hooks and white hem band for £65.28 gross8 per flag. . Convey your message just as effectively on our rectangular banners. They are completely weatherproof thanks to the durable PVC. Get a banner for just £34.19 gross9. For a small surcharge, your banner can also be hemmed and/or equipped with eyelets to your liking.

Our all-weather poster of course also allows you to advertise in an equally weatherproof manner. It can be easily attached to masts, railings, etc. using cable ties, without the use of any additional supporting material. Get 100 all-weather posters, printed with your motif, for only £281.20 gross10. Our twin-wall sheet will just as effectively attract attention to your event. The sheet can also be attached without any additional supporting material and is perfect for outdoors. We can provide you with a customised twin-wall sheet for £25.13 gross11.

8 £54.40 net, 1.5 x 4 m, 110gsm flag fabric, 4/0 single sided print
9 £28.49 net, 300 x 100 cm, horizontal, 500gsm PVC banner, 4/0 single sided print
10 £234.33 net, A1, 750gsm cardboard with film coating, 4/0 single sided print
11 £20.94 net, A1, 450gsm, polypropylene twin-wall sheet, 2.5 mm, 4/0 single sided print