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Vegan stickers

Do you feel passionately about animal welfare? Want to do your bit to help? Us too! That's why we offer these vegan stickers. All materials, inks and coatings of our vegan range are 100% free from animal products - we can guarantee, NO animals were hurt in the making of these stickers! That's not all that is great about this product. They also do everything you would expect a sticker to - sticking your message effectively to surfaces both indoors and outdoors. So, set a good example and choose these animal friendly stickers, produced using materials derived from plants and minerals.

Buy low cost personalised printing vegan stickers at FLYERALARM

Are you looking for stickers to advertise your products, but can't bear the thought of animal products being used in the glue? Choose our print vegan stickers instead!

Vegan sticker printing is easy. All you have to do is order the design of your choice to be printed on our print vegan stickers. Our vegan sticker printing is guaranteed to use materials that are 100% vegan and free of animal products.

Our print vegan stickers are beautiful and sustainable

Just because you care about sustainability and animal protection, you shouldn't have to opt out of using stickers because of the adhesives they typically use. Happily, there is an alternative. Our personalised vegan stickers use acrylic-based adhesives and carrier materials coated with a gelatine-free compound. Even our colours do not contain animal products, so you can print vegan stickers in full colour while still having a clear conscience.

Stand out from the pack with sustainable stickers

You may not think that your customers would notice a detail as small as you going out of your way to find sustainable stickers that utilised acrylic-based adhesives. However, it's the little details that count, and your customers care about sustainability and animal protection, too. When they know that you have made the effort to ensure that no animals were harmed in the creation of something as small as a sticker, they'll have greater respect your brand and what it stands for.

Our promotional vegan stickers come in many formats

Vegan sticker printing lets you choose any design imaginable, but did you know that you can choose sticker formats to best match your design? Here are some of the many different options available to you for your personalised vegan stickers.

  • Paper size – your promotional vegan stickers can come in various sizes, from A4 to smaller sizes. Let our print shop show you how attractive a sticker can look. Need a printed sticker that's more suitable for a label? Try our print vegan labels instead.
  • Sticker shapes – choose from several shapes, including a rectangle, square, circle, oval, or a special custom shape.
  • Sticker material – our vegan stickers can be printed on adhesive vinyl or adhesive paper. Choose vinyl if the sticker will be placed outdoors or may come into contact with moisture.
  • Colours – we offer white or transparent stickers. From there, our printing service can print on that base material in full colour. To get white stickers, choose the ‘indoor' option, and to get transparent ones, choose the ‘outdoor' option.

Vegan stickers work in many contexts

There are almost unlimited uses for where you can place the stickers you design for printing. Your imagination is the limit for what you can do with the stickers that you order from our online printing company, and since they're vegan, you can get as many as you want with a clear conscience. Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Print an advertisement and stick it in an unexpected place. It'll get noticed more, just because of it being in a different context than people are used to seeing it.
  • Need to display a permanent message, but don't have time to get a sign created? Print it on a sticker while you're waiting.
  • Place our stickers on the front of a binder or booklet to give it an attractive cover.
  • Print stickers to easily and quickly cover a message that has changed or that no longer applies.
  • Create a sticker with a beautiful photo or graphic design to decorate an otherwise bland and plain area.

Count on FLYERALARM for sustainable, ethical printing

Our print shop cares about much more than just vegan adhesives and inks. We offer an extensive line of eco friendly printing products, including leaflets, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, and even our adorable print vegan jelly bears. You won't go wrong when you choose a printing service that offers both quality jobs and environmentally friendly products. Place your order today!