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Brochure Stands

Brochure display stands: show the best side of your print products

There is a large variety of application possibilities for our brochure display stands made of metal or plastics. With brochure holders at the reception for your office, at the entrance to your shop or on the counter of your trade fair stand, you can present the most important information at a glance and in a single place for those interested. At the same time you will always have everything quick to hand in order to rapidly supply your customers with the appropriate information. We have various brochure display stands to choose from for small and large formats, for tables, as stands or as wall mountings.

Would you like to buy a brochure display stand made of metal or plastic? Which one offers me the correct size for my leaflets? Click here to view the different stands available from our printing shop. Choose your favourites!

We have three different brochure display stands made of elegant metal and five different stands made from clear transparent plastic. You can position the flyer stand on the floor, on a table or attach to a wall depending on the variant. Here you can find a suitable stand for your information area.

Brochure display stands made of metal: present your flyers or folded leaflets in our brochure display stands in a chic aluminium silver design. The stands are suitable for five to seven DIN A4 formats depending on the variant. Would you like a stand suitable for smaller formats? Compartment partitions for DIN A5 are included with the delivery. Order additional inserts to also display A6 formats. The aluminium silver floor model has 7 compartments (filling depth 2.6 cm) including 7 inserts and is suitable for DIN A4 or DIN long format. The aluminium silver desk model has 5 compartments (filling depth 2.6 cm) including 5 inserts and is also intended for DIN A4 or DIN long format. Our aluminium silver wall model also has 5 compartments (filling depth 2 cm) including 5 acrylic discs which can be used variably for DIN A4, DIN A5 or DIN long when positioned vertically.

Brochure display stands made of plastic: is your advertising often overlooked? Provide flyers and folded leaflets to draw attention to your tables, counters or bar counters. The crystal-clear material of our stand blends in optically with the environment and gives a clear view of the contents. These sleek brochure display stands are available in five different variants: with one, two or four compartments for your DIN long/DIN A6 brochures. Brochure display stands for DIN A5 and DIN A4 are also available from our printing shop. If there is not much space on your table or bar counter, choose the variant with two or four compartments. In this way, you can stylishly position your leaflets behind one another. The brochure display stands made of plastic can be purchased from three units and upwards.

The right combination: which products do the brochure holders go best with?

All sizes and variants of folded leaflets can of course be accommodated and you can print the matching flyers or postcards at the same time! Choose between glossy, matt, exclusive or environment and nature for your flyers. There is something for every taste from our range of products. If all our prints dazzle in the same corporate design, the information area immediately appears tidy, uniform and professional.