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Delicious chocolate printed with your custom design

The perfect giveaway provokes positive emotions in the lucky recipient. Thanks to its practical use, chic look – or its delicious taste. If you opt for the latter, what could be more appropriate than giving a chocolate gift? Last but not least, it is by far the favourite German treat: they gobble up nearly 10kg of it per person each year. So simply print the chocolate, or more precisely, the packaging of mini chocolate tablets, figures or hearts with your logo or a custom design. And in no time you have the perfect promotional gift for the point of sale, the next trade fair and any event. You don’t have to limit this to a special target group either, as chocolate delights the young and old alike.

Along with a cup of coffee or in your hand: Mini chocolate tablet

It doesn’t always have to be a whole bar, a mini tablet is often much more appropriate and practical. For example, have you ever tried placing a 100 g bar on the saucer beside a cup of coffee? This would require quite generously designed dishes indeed. So it’s good that our mini-variant weighs in at a mere 4.6 grams. It thus not only fits easily on any saucer, but also in any mouth with just one bite. This makes it the perfect give-away, including outside of the cafe. Even your fingers can stay clean – simply open the packaging and enjoy. Speaking of packaging: you can have it custom printed on the front. The back is mainly reserved for mandatory food information; your customers should after all be informed about the ingredients the chocolate contains. Among others, these are, for example, at least 35% cocoa. The mini tablets are available from a volume of 1,000, with the maximum order being 10,000. You can distribute them with no worries for about a year, which is about how long they keep when stored correctly.

Easter Bunny, Santa Claus & Co.: printing personalised chocolate figures

These chocolate figures are genuine all-rounders: For Christmas they come in red, for Easter in a rabbit costume and for sporting events in the matching jersey. Do you have additional occasions and disguises in mind? Then simply create a corresponding print file and we will deliver the small treats to your door for free. You can of course customise the packaging; only the information about ingredients, etc., are obligatory. The figures are made of German quality chocolate and literally melt in your mouth. A real treat for your customers and all those who enjoy the privilege of receiving a gift from you. They can include visitors to your shop or trade fair stand, for example, as well as your employees. The personalised chocolate figures will cause quite the delight as a snack for in-between. As we can print up to 5,000 chocolate figures for you, there will surely be more than enough to go around.

True love: Chocolate hearts

Show true appreciation – and on multiple sensory levels. The eyes appreciate the heart shape, the mouth the sweet taste. And even though the shape already says it all, the wrapping around the chocolate provides plenty of room for a few additional words. Place your personal design on it, in keeping with the season and occasion. And it doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s Day; after all, you surely have a heart for your customers, partners and employees throughout the year. At Christmas and Easter just like anniversaries and celebrations, in the spring as well as in autumn. Simply select the quantity and print online.

Why chocolate makes us happy

Neither sales gimmick nor witchcraft: It’s been scientifically proven that chocolate truly does make you happy. The feelings of happiness are caused by various substances it contains. One of these is phenyletylamine, which is also released when we fall in love. There are also stimulant substances like caffeine and theobromine. No wonder some people actually become “addicted” to chocolate. After all, who wouldn’t like to be happy all the time. And there are ways to keep the kilos in check.

Even more treats

Additional delightful treats are our printable sweets: Discover many different varieties of fruit jellies, for example. The 10g packets contain a delicious mix of different flavours and are not a delight for children alone. The same applies to the fruit bonbons. They are individually packaged in advertising wrapping, which you can custom print. We also offer you mini bonbon tins as an alternative. They contain loose Pulmoll or Tic Tac Drops that quickly melt in your mouth. FLYERALARM – Your printing shop with taste.