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Greeting cards and invitations

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Greeting Card Printing

For company anniversaries, weddings or Open House days: Custom-designedinvitation cards are true all-rounders. They convey style and have an immediate positive effect on the recipient. Who after all is not delighted by an attractively designed invitation card?

Especially in times of ever more emails, card writers make a positive impression. While many emails are labelled as advertising and land the dustbin unread, a creative card is something we like to read. Receiving an invitation by post is charming and more personal.

The same is true of greeting cards, for example, for customer and employee birthdays, at Christmas or to thank your business partners for the successful cooperation. We print all of our invitation and greeting cards in the formats A6 and DL (portrait or landscape) and as a square. The fold can be on the long or short edge as desired.

Print and finish greeting cards

Your online printing company supplies you with greeting card printing in various materials and with various finishes:

Our classic cards made of glossy or matt coated paper offer→ an unbeatable price-performance ration. If you opt for the matt version, we apply a protective coating of dispersion varnish, UV varnish or film lamination.

→ For official occasions we recommend greeting card printing in stylish paper with linen finishing. The perfect accessory: You can print matching envelopes made of fine linen paper in DL.

→ Want to create a big wow effect? Have your invitation cards printed online while selecting Silverstar®. The exclusive material is mirrored and looks very glamorous. For a more subtle look that still has a touch of glamour, there are our greeting cards in shimmering CHROMOLUX pearl.

See and feel: Address two senses at once with hot foil stamping in fine gold and silver or fiery red. The embossed elements appeal to both visual and tactile perception. The same can be said for UV or relief varnish that is applied on one side.

To be kind to the environment We also do our greeting card printing on recycled paper. It has been awarded the “Blue Angel” label and features a particularly high degree of whiteness.

The perfect combination: Almost 90% of all greeting cards are sent as folding cards in an envelope. That is standard even in a business environment. Of course we also have matching covers for your greeting card printing in our range. Amongst our range of peel and seal unprinted envelopes without window, you will find envelopes in great colours such as sun yellow, may green, cobalt blue and cherry-red.

Card campaigns for customer loyalty

Want your turn your customers into regular customers? Simply start a greeting card campaign: For their birthday, customers will receive not only a friendly greeting by postal mail, such as a gift certificate for their next order or folded leaflets with discounted products and services. As a small gift, you can also enclose an annual planner in mini format or an adhesive notepad.

The history of greeting card printing goes back to ancient Egypt. People gave each other personalised sayings on papyrus for the new year. After the invention of the modern printing press, the nobility and wealthy citizens in Europe initially had [[content: 2915|Business cars printing]] which they left with relatives and friends during visits. Since people also wanted wish each other a happy New Year, the business card eventually developed into New Year card. The oldest known greeting card from German-speaking regions dates back to 1493. Greeting cards were initially sent mainly for a person’s name saint’s day or at Christmas. Today every second card is a birthday greeting.

Christmas cards with a finished design

But customers and business partners are still sent a lot of cards for Christmas too. Your online printing company supports you with Christmas cards featuring front and back sides that are already designed. There are many designs to choose from - finished with hot foil, glitter varnish or laser punching. We print your customised text on the inside of the greeting cards. Matching envelopes are included in our delivery. Sign the card, stick on the address label and send it off!

Design tips for invitation cards

Before we can print your invitation cards, you must first look after the design. Our tip:

→ On the front side, you can place a short statement regarding the reason for the greeting or invitation.

On the inside, you can place any further information – supplemented with some personal words and your signature, handwritten or scanned and printed.

→ To ensure the recipient recognises you and your company, you can use the colours of your corporate design and don’t forget to include your logo!