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Fabric banners and posters

Fabric poster printing for decorative advertising

You are looking for large surface advertising media that is easy to transport and is versatile indoors? Then you have found what you’re looking for! Our fabric posters will help put the perfect spotlight on your company and products, both at the point of sale and at trade fairs or presentations. Simply have your fabric banners printed online in a few steps and hang them up at the desired location. Our fabric banners always make a good impression, whether placed on the wall, on your shop window or in the middle of the sales floor. The variety of possible locations also illustrates their versatile usage. Use them to advertise products, draw attention to your trade fair stand or decorate your business premises. You have the choice between fabric banners printed on one side, which are also available in your custom sized format, and the variant printed on both sides. The latter, for example, is ideal as a room partition or curtain, where you want the designs to be visible from both sides.

Practical, light and variable

Fabric banners come with two clamping profiles that are attached above and below the printing. Two hanging eyelets are attached on the upper profile, while the lower one ensures that the fabric banner is hanging straight and stable. The result is not rigid, as slight movements due to wind or drafts will ensure increased attention. Installing the clamping profiles is as easy as pie and very fast: Simply slide the print and the eyelets into the profiles, attach them and fit the end caps. All you need now are strings or wires and hooks to attach the fabric banners to walls or ceilings. If you want to replace the print, this is done just as quickly. After all, if desired you can of course order only the banner print from your online printing company. Create your custom design for every application and simply replace the fabric. Whichever material you choose, the lengths of printed fabric banners are relatively resistant and easy to clean. You can also fold or roll them up without creasing. The banners are easy to transport and store this way.

The classic banner: printed on one side

Choose the perfect fabric banner for your advertising from ten formats - from large (A2, 42 x 59.4cm) to very large (119 x 200cm). You can decide whether to have the 140gsm polyester fabric, the 300gsm mesh fabric or the 205gsm satin fabric printed as a fabric banner. While the polyester version allows a classic print on a smooth surface, the mesh fabric is more coarse-pored and strong and provides a slightly different look. The satin fabric provides for exclusivity. The glossy surface makes colours shine even brighter. And if you are in a real hurry with your advertising banners, you can order them via our overnight service. Observe the acceptance period and get fabric banners with mesh fabric printed on one side the very next day. If you prefer to decorate the walls of your premises with stronger materials, we offer a wide range of panels and signs that you can print your designs on. Choose from many formats, such as aluminium composite panels, rigid foam panels or direct-to-acrylic-glass printing.

For twice the attention: print fabric banners on both sides

If you hang your fabric banner in the middle of the sales floor or in a display window and also want it to be visible to customers inside your shop, you can print it on both sides. A barrier layer in the middle of the 650gsm PVC blockout banner ensures that the print does not show through on the other side. This is especially useful if you are printing different designs on the front and back. There are six formats to choose from, the largest of which measures 85 x 200cm. As an alternative to fabric banners as room partitions, you can Wide Format and Display printing. Ordering the print separately and interchanging them quickly is possible with these as well. For example, the magnetic frame display, which you can also custom print on front and back.

Maximum customisation: custom-sized printing

Can’t find the size you’re looking for? No problem, custom-tailor your fabric banners entirely according to your required dimensions - so we can print the fabric banner you really need. From 50 x 50cm to 200 x 300cm - we can handle it all.