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Mats and flooring

Custom sized vinyl flooring
Custom sized vinyl flooring
Indoor floor stickers
Indoor floor stickers
Custom sized indoor floor stickers
Custom sized indoor floor stickers
Outdoor floor stickers
Outdoor floor stickers
Custom sized outdoor floor stickers
Custom sized outdoor floor stickers

Mats & flooring – meet your customers at the door

Think of how many times you have walked in and out of, say, an office building or shopping centre. Now imagine you had placed a customised print doormat with your design there – think of the countless potential customers who would see your logo. Our low cost print doormats and print floor stickers can be standard or custom-sized, are completely non-slip, and can be printed with your company colours, your logo, or a friendly welcome.

Print doormats – make a fitting welcome

Doormat printing is also ideal for corporate exhibitions and special events. We can also provide options such as custom-sized vinyl flooring, doormats with your logo, and indoor and outdoor print floor stickers with your logo, as well as custom-sized indoor and outdoor floor sticker printing. Whether your intention is to welcome guests or reinforce your indoor or outdoor advertising message, personalised doormats with your design can make a real difference to your customers… and to your business.

Let FLYERALARM print your doormats.

  • ...Extend a cordial welcome to guests and business partners with personalised doormats with your logo or a design of your choice.
  • ...Perfect for sales rooms and office/business spaces.
  • ...Sized 70 x 50 cm, total weight approx. 650 g.
  • ...Durable sublimation printing.
  • ...Non-slip SBR rubber, with a rubber edge that protects against fraying.

Capture your customers' attention while coming and going

FLYERALARM is the perfect online printing house for your promotional needs. Choose from printed doormats and floor stickers with logos or your design for corporate events, building entrances, and business spaces. We provide custom-sized vinyl flooring, printed personalised doormats, and indoor and outdoor floor stickers with logos, as well as custom-sized indoor and outdoor doormats with logos for your brand communication, indoor advertising, and outdoor advertising needs. Check out the mats & flooringproducts we offer for some inspirational ideas. Please note that only one design is possible per order item.

Let us print your vinyl flooring...

  • ...if you want to create a unique atmosphere with individually printable flooring.
  • ... if you wish to present your services at events, exhibitions, on stage, or in display windows.
  • ...if you want easy installation, removal, and cleaning.
  • ...if you want to guide your customers for brand communication or to display your products in their environment.

Let us print your aluminium panels...

  • ...if your messaging is better suited for outer walls or construction sites.
  • ...if your indoor messaging requires photos and decorative elements.
  • ...if you want a lightweight display that's quick and easy to mount.

Let us print your fabric banners and posters...

  • ...when you need an ultra-light, easily mounted banner message.
  • ...when you need presentation-ready, custom-sized fabric posters with a range of printing options, including single-sided or double-sided messaging. Only one design per item, please.
  • ...when you need custom-sized fabric flags and posters. Only one design per item, please. li>

Let us print your plastic, metal, or foldable brochure display stands...

  • ...when you need an ultra-light, crystal-clear display stand with pocket options in sizes A4 to A6.
  • ...when you need multi-pocketed aluminium brochure display stands for the floor, desk, or wall.
  • ...when you need a stable yet mobile brochure stand option for trade shows or presentations. li>

    FLYERALARM is your printing house

    If you're looking for a reliable online printing house to turn over your printing project professionally and quickly, FLYERALARM is the place for you. We offer all common types of print products – more than three million in total. We will also be happy to advise you individually concerning your project. Simply give us a call, chat with one of our customer representatives, or send us an email.