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Wall art

Canvas printing – draw customers in

Canvas printing brings artwork or a photograph to another level. One of the advantages of canvas printing is that it doesn't need an elaborate frame to be noticed. Images are printed on high-quality cotton fabric so they become the focal part of a conference room, hotel lobby, or a corporate event space.

Business – getting consumers to stretch their imagination

Personalised canvas printing creates an opportunity to focus your customers' attention on your business and your products. Each print canvas is pre-assembled, fade resistant, and ready to hang. Since only one design is possible per order item, canvas printing encourages a personalised point of view and conveys exactly what you want your customers to know about your business.

Let us transform your photography or artwork into personalised canvas printing...

  • ...if you want to transform wall space into a visual statement – sizes range from 20 x 30 cm to 100 x 100 cm.
  • ...if you want to make an impact quickly – artwork or photography arrives in six to seven working days.
  • ... if you want to offer your customers a memorable example of the power of your business messaging.

Personal – capture those unforgettable moments

FLYERALARM is also the perfect online printing house for personal applications. For example, if you want to capture those unforgettable moments in photography, send them to us. We will create your print canvas in a visually appealing way. Whether it's artwork or photography, there are countless magical occasions that are perfect for a frameless, personalised canvas. Online printing speaks louder than just words. Find some inspiring ideas here: canvas printing.

Wall decor – perfectly prepared study materials

Think of a conference room, banquet room, or company lobby. The common denominator? They all have four walls, which means you have four opportunities to advertise your message, logo, or design. Four chances to grab the attention of the countless potential customers who walk through those lobbies, attend your conferences, or participate in your presentations. Whether it's with art or photography, you can make a lasting, environmentally friendly impression with wall decoration, and we can print it for you. FLYERALARM offers you various types of business and corporate Anchortextwall decor: choose acrylic or glass, prints on cards, and decide how big – standard or custom sized.

Let us print your wall decor...

  • ...if you want to make a statement or add style to your office space.
  • ...if you want to print images on glass panels or other shapes.
  • ...if you want to convert your favourite photos to life-sized images.

Calendars – timeless business and corporate accessories

Calendars are the perfect medium to showcase your products, spread your branding message, or introduce new products each month. No matter if it's a wall or desk calendar, annual planner, or advent calendar, FLYERALARM Anchortextcalendars are useful, practical, and reinforce your message or product every time a new month arrives.

Let us print your calendars...

  • ...if you have a strong vision of what the calendar will look like – choose from glue, spiral, or staple binding options.
  • ...to give to customers as handouts after meetings or presentations.
  • ...to pre-highlight specific dates for trade fairs, conferences, or corporate events.

Posters – big images + big messaging = big business

The eyes in the room will be on you first, then your customised poster. Large messaging boldly introduces and reinforces your brand, big logo designs can remind the audience of your company, and arresting images will catch and keep their attention.

Let us print your posters...

  • ...if you want large format posters that make a memorable impact.
  • ...if you want your message to be seen indoors and outdoors.
  • ...if you prefer all-weather materials, want neon paper options, need custom sizes, or want to create reusable posters with Stafix® film.

FLYERALARM is your printing house

If you're looking for a reliable online printing house to turn over your printing project professionally and quickly, FLYERALARM is just the place for you. We offer all common types of print products – more than three million in total. We will also be happy to advise you individually concerning your project. Simply give us a call, chat with one of our customer representatives, or send us an email.