Perfect bound brochures

Impress your customers with unique, professional catalogues. Choose from our range of eye-catching materials and finishes such as SBS board, UV or 3D varnishes. Here you can find a large selection of high-quality print products, which are best suited to be used as catalogues - from classic brochures, with more than 300 pages, high-quality hard cover books or magazines.
Products we recommend as catalogues:

Catalogues – keep information in one place

Soft cover catalogues are a vehicle for story-telling. Whether it's a personal or business-related story, a collection of products or services, a ledger of accounts, a manual, or a school thesis, catalogues are not only visually appealing, they keep information cohesive, in order, and in one place. From one unit to 10,000, and from 20 to 388 pages, FLYERALARM is your partner in catalogue printing.

With FLYERALARM, it's easy to design catalogues. Choose from our A4, A5, A6, A7, and DL templates, pick a cover material and page finish, decide on a colour scheme, then print. The process is user-friendly and can be done entirely online. Catalogue printing is easy with FLYERALARM.

Business – provide a thorough rundown of your business, products, or services

Catalogues present customers with all of the information they need to know about a certain business, product, account, place, or service. From travel guidebooks to vehicle manuals, and annual reports to spring collections, catalogues provide a great way to present all of the pertinent details at once. With FLYERALARM's online design tool, catalogues are easy to create. Keep all of your business' particulars in one place – buy low cost custom printing catalogues online at FLYERALARM!

Let us print your personalised catalogues...

  • ...if you want to present your services in a highly sophisticated, professional manner.
  • ...if you are looking to create product catalogues to present information to your customers in a more concise format.
  • ...if you are looking to create thorough promotional or marketing materials.
  • ...if your business is looking to present annual accounts data or to print HR manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • ...if you are printing a recipe book, tour guide, or novel for distribution.
  • ...if you are planning a conference, training meeting, or special event and are looking to print pertinent informational handouts for guests.
  • ...if you run a hospital or clinic and are looking to print books for health education purposes.
  • ...if you want to equip your sales team with ‘at a glance' workbooks to assist on-the-road selling.

Personal – give a memorable gift

FLYERALARM is also the perfect online print shop for personal applications. Print catalogues for special occasions like big birthdays, family reunions, or weddings. Guests will enjoy taking home a creative gift that they can use and remember the big day by. Print catalogues quickly and simply with FLYERALARM; we do not skimp on quality.

Let us print your personalised catalogues...

  • ...if you would like to create a special, memorable gift.
  • ...if you want to give your wedding or party guests a creative memento.

Universities & schools – share knowledge with people

Whether you run a campus clinic and need to print catalogues for health education purposes, are a teacher looking to print sophisticated learning materials, or are a student looking to print a thesis project, we recommend having your catalogues printed with FLYERALARM. With a large variety of design templates, FLYERALARM has your catalogue printing needs covered.

Let us print your personalised catalogues...

  • ...if you want to prepare educational materials for pupils, students, or patients.
  • ...if you are looking to print a thesis project for distribution.
  • ...if you are looking to print campus guides.

FLYERALARM is your printing house

If you're looking for a reliable online printing shop to turn over your printing project professionally and quickly, FLYERALARM is the place for you. We offer all common types of print products – more than three million in total. We will also be happy to advise you individually concerning your project. Simply give us a call, chat with one of our customer representatives, or send us an email. We look forward to becoming your printing service provider.