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  • Wall calendars with staple binding
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Buy low cost personalised printing wall calendars at FLYERALARM

Print calendars are an excellent way to remind your customers about your business all year long. When you choose calendar printing from FLYERALARM, you'll get to feature your name, logo, and design on a calendar that people will refer to and look at almost every day of the year.

Why choose print calendars?

Is printing still worthwhile for calendars? Absolutely! Despite everyone carrying a smartphone these days, you'd be surprised how many people still use a wall calendar on a daily basis. No matter how many apps a person installs on his or her device, there's just something about paper and ink that still appeals to people and helps them to stay organised. Why not take advantage of that with a calendar printing service that lets you select the options that are convenient for you?

Calendar printing options to meet your needs

Print calendars aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Here at FLYERALARM, we offer many different calendar options and choices to ensure that you can portray yourself in the best possible manner while meeting your customers' time management and daily planning needs.

  • Bindings – some people want a wall calendar that allows them to tear off a sheet with each new month. Others prefer the style of calendar where they simply turn the page every month. Choose between glue, spiral, and staple bindings in our online print shop.
  • Formats – get the shape and size that best fits the wall space that you'll need to display the days of the year, including A5, A4, and A3 formats.
  • Alignment – choose the orientation that's best for your design, including vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) alignment.
  • Colours – our print calendars offer you many different colours, from monochromatic designs to full colour. When it comes to deciding what to print, the only limit is your imagination!
  • Templates – No need to be stumped by the layout of your calendar pages. We offer templates of current and future years, making it easy for you to drop in your own content.

Delight your customers with personalised calendars

The possibilities are endless for the personalised calendars that you can create for your customers. Here are just a few of the options that are perennial favourites at our print shop for what you can put on your calendar pages. Let these ideas inspire you.

  • Calendars with photos – there are so many ways that you can incorporate photos into your calendars, it would be impossible to name them all. Photos of your products, photos of nature, and photos of baby animals are timeless winners, but any photos will work. Why not try holding a photo contest and feature your customers' best shots in next year's calendar? However you choose to do it, calendars with pictures are a classic gift, and it's easier than ever to produce them with our online printing service.
  • Calendars with important days marked – when you have special events throughout the year, why not note them on your own custom-printed calendar so that everyone will be up to date? For instance, you could make calendars with weeks marked when you'll have special pricing, or a school calendar with school holidays listed, or a corporate calendar listing the year's company events.

Like our print calendars? You'll love these related products

Calendars can go a long way towards telling your customers that you value them and want to offer them a thoughtful item that they'll actually find useful. Looking for something similar? These other items are also easy to create with our affordable printing service.

  • Print desk calendars – when you're not sure that someone will actually need or want to use a wall calendar, try our desk calendars instead. They're compact and can display your customised message.
  • Poster printing – if you don't need something with so many pages, but still want the flexibility of an affordable, large-size printout, check out our printed posters.
  • Print Flyers – flyers are not dead, and they work especially well for small businesses and start-ups that aren't easily found online. Try the timeless power of printed flyers today.

Get calendar printing at FLYERALARM for next year's calendar

With so many options and calendar styles from our print shop, you're sure to find the perfect design and delight your customers with a high-quality, professional-looking calendar. Start your order today.