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Car wrapping

Mobile Advertising: Car wrap printing

Cars, vans, buses and lorries are primarily a means of transportation and utility vehicles. However, thanks to their large surface area and mobility, they are also the perfect vehicle for advertising of all kinds. For this purpose, you can print professional car wrap with your custom design and put it on your vehicles. By doing so, you can make your company vehicles into mobile advertising vehicles par excellence, regardless of vehicle size and brand or your industry. After all, regardless of whether crafts and trades, retail or service, wrapped cars help you reach a large audience. And you can do so no extra cost, unlike with ads or other campaigns. Draw additional attention by not only wrapping your own vehicles, but also looking for cooperation partners such as taxi companies.

Your advantages

Elaborate paintwork not only costs a lot of money, but also a lot of time. Why not instead opt for the quick and inexpensive alternative by buying car wrap? Customise it to suit your wishes and have it professionally printed at your online printing shop. We deliver the film material to you free of charge in only a few days. That’s how easy car wrapping can be.

The car wrap’s primary task is of course to create visual stimuli and draw people’s attention to your business. It nevertheless also offers your paint job a good deal of protection by covering it. Flying stones, sunlight or road salt can no longer damage it – and even the wrap itself only to a limited extent. After all, the high-quality vinyl film from Avery Dennison is extremely robust and resistant to external influences.

Alongside the film material itself, the permanently sticking adhesive also ensures a long service life. It consists of a special acrylic adhesive that enables both durable usage and easy attachment. Making corrections when sticking it on is thus no problem, nor do you have to worry about blistering under the film. The latter is prevented by a specially developed air duct technology, which also facilitates gluing it on.

If you would like to remove the film again, this is no problem whatsoever – the film can still be removed after many years without leaving any residue. Nothing thus prevents you from selling your vehicles later on, and above all from changing the design. Simply remove the old car wrapping, buy new car wrap and attach it to your car or lorry.

Attention guaranteed

How many would you like to order? Would you rather create small accents, cover entire parts such as the bonnet or door or are you interested in a complete wrap job? Our car wrap allows you to customise not only the design itself, but also the format. Order precisely as much as you need – down to the last centimetre. The price is of course also calculated accordingly, to ensure you the most economical option possible – in the truest sense of the word.

The sides generally offer the most space, and especially with vans and other vehicles, the rear part without windows. This is also where it is most visible and important information such as name, address or phone number is registered most quickly. Although you can of course cover you entire car from bumper to bumper, horizontal parts such as the bonnet or roof should in this case be decorated with more creative elements.

Striking colours, unusual designs and fonts or optical illusions – as long as it is eye-catching. Let your imagination run wild when designing and don’t limit yourself to creating merely functional, informative advertising prints. The most important thing, after all, is for you to be seen, leave an impression and be remembered. For this purpose, the glossy UV protective laminate helps, which you can use to refine your car wrap with a metallic look. However, as the principle of full gloss coverage is so widespread in the motorised world, matt elements often stand out all the more. You can thus of course also order a matt lamination.

2D or 3D?

Since there are different requirements for different vehicle parts when it comes to car wrapping, we offer just the right material for each and every case. 2D film is primarily intended for flat or slightly curved surfaces, rather than for indentations, seams or round elements such as mirrors. 3D film, which can be stretched and adapted more easily, is thus more suitable for such parts. Both variants guarantee the best of Avery Dennison quality, which is very easy to work with and features high durability and resistance.

Durable advertising products

For a well-rounded public image, we offer you a wide range that of course also includes stationary advertising alongside mobile advertising options. You can thus, for example, choose from a wide variety flags and flag printing. Besides hoisting flags for flagpoles, you will also find square-flags and drop-flags. The latter are available as a special indoor version for use at trade fairs, seminars and other promotional and informational events. Their standard equipment includes roll-ups and displays, of which our shop also offers a large variety. Whether you want to promote your products or your company in general, we print displays affordably, quickly and in the best of quality.