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The quick and easy way to design printed products is
with the FLYERALARM Productivity Tool

The easiest way of designing printed products: the handy Adobe InDesign plugin with templates including all important information like size, bleed, safety distance and colour profile. This will enable you to focus on your design creation. Exporting the PDF is easy, thanks to the integrated preflight and all presettings included.

The plugin has a product configurator which will enable you to configure your products as well as start the ordering process in InDesign.

The Productivity Tool already includes a wide range of products with many more to follow shortly. We will also regularly include additional features to constantly improve the use of it for you. The FLYERALARM Productivity Tool supports the InDesign versions CS 6 and CC to CC 2017.

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Your FLYERALARM Productivity Tool benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Templates with all relevant information and sizes
  • Enables focus on creative designing
  • Easy configuration of the product in InDesign
  • Direct order via InDesign

If you need support with the installation of the FLYERALARM Productivity Tool. Please contact our support team on: 0800 151 0181