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For an organised admission – tickets for any occasion

When it comes to keeping things under control and keeping track of things, tickets are not only indispensable at concerts. Whether at sports events, theatre evenings or festivals – ticket printing is essential: for guests, and especially for the event organiser. So get your custom tickets printed online in your desired design and take advantage of our wide FLYERALARM variety of designs, materials and finishing.

Perforated or numbered, or both?

Choose from various combinations of perforation and numbering. The basic version is perforated once or numbered once, while the most sophisticated version is perforated once and numbered twice. This is especially advantageous if the organiser keeps one part of the ticket and the guest keeps the other part upon admission. This way, the admission ticket can, for example, double as a raffle ticket.

Tear-resistant, tamper-proof or striking – Refine your tickets

As admission tickets usually have to take a lot of punishment and are generally already delivered some time prior to the event, it is worthwhile to make them particularly resistant. This is ensured by a dispersion coating that protects the paper from tearing and other damage. Optical highlights create elements that are finished with a hot foil embossing. Here you can choose from the colours red, gold and silver as well as an eye-catching holographic foil. Protection against counterfeiters is provided by a black light ink that is only visible only under a special UV light. Place your desired design on the tickets to make them particularly tamper-proof.

How does black light ink work?

The fact that some colours only light up under black light and can’t be seen otherwise is due to fine zinc sulphide crystals that are used in colour production for ticket printing. Low quantities of heavy metals or rare earths activate them and cause the crystals to light up. This makes the colour virtually transparent under normal light. It only becomes visible when viewed under black light in the correct wavelength. Ticket printing designed this way not only provide a high level of security, but are also real eye catchers.
The human eye can perceive a light spectrum that comprises a range from around 380 to 780 nanometres (nm). In other words: from violet to dark red. Humans are unable to see any colours that lie outside of this range. For wavelengths longer than 780nm, science refers to infrared radiation, shorter than 380nm and it’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is split up further into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, so black light, with a wavelength of 345-380nm, is in the range of UV-A radiation. It is very close to the limit of what is visible for humans. The human eye can thus only perceive it, if at all, as a bluish shimmering. What it actually perceives, however, is the effect that black light triggers on other materials: they shine. Light colours like white absorb the UV light particularly well and also reflect it back. This can be certain items of clothing, but also our teeth.

Everything to do with your event

As an online printing company, we offer the perfect supplies for your events. The use of wristband printing is a good idea, especially at longer events, as it for example means that guests do not have to keep presenting their tickets and risk losing them. The tear and water-resistant wristbands are available in many materials and versions and can be custom printed. poster printing are an ideal advertising medium for announcing your event. Whether large, larger or the largest – we offer you a wide selection of many formats and types of paper that you can order in both small and large runs and print online, including special materials such as reusable Stafix film or affiche paper for wet posting outdoors. Send tickets in distinctively branded printed envelopes. With or without windows; DIN format or square; adhesive or wet-adhesive – the choice is yours. We will print your custom envelopes for any occasion. Are you inviting people to partake in a celebration? Then send your admission tickets along with matching greeting card printing. Choose from a variety of formats and versions, customise them to suit the occasion and simply print them online.