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Point of Sale

Interior decoration & product presentation
  • for wall, window and floor
  • for table and counter
  • product identification
  • mobile offers' surfaces
Outdoor advertising
  • banners and posters
  • panels and signs
  • gazebos
  • and many more customer magnets
  • product packaging
  • gift packaging
  • mailing packaging
  • paper bags and accessoires
Shop Window
Shop Window
  • Vinyls for windows
  • Posters and banners
  • Displays and flags
  • And more eyecatching products
  • personalised sweets
  • drink cans
  • computer accessoires
  • pens, stickers and many more
Promotion & customer loyalty
  • flyers, folded leaflets & co.
  • books and magazines
  • vouchers and tickets
  • plastic cards and loyalty cards
  • t-shirts und polo-shirts
  • shirts and blouses
  • jackets
  • accessoires


  • envelopes and letterheads
  • business cards and notepads
  • ringbinders and calendars
  • and many more
Hospitality Products
  • everything for the table/pub/bar
  • great to-go products
  • wide outdoor range
  • popular promotional products