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We've got some great news for you if you're looking for a brochure printing service in the UK: FLYERALARM offers print brochures that are beautiful and come in many different sizes and styles. Our custom-printed brochures for business are useful for all your needs, from explaining your product or service to sharing catalogues with customers. Whenever you need print products, promotional brochures, softcover books, custom notebooks, and more, our print shop is here to get the job done right.

Cover options for your print brochures

When it comes to brochure printing, different business objectives require different covers, and that's exactly what you'll get when you choose FLYERALARM to handle your printing job. We offer both hard and soft covers for our print brochures, and you can choose from many paper styles and weights for the cover, including SBS board finished with a silk or gloss coating.

Binding options for your print brochures

If you're looking for personalised brochures, you're looking for more than just basic brochure printing and several cover styles. You also need different binding styles, depending on the page count of your document and the way you plan to use it. Fortunately, our printing service has you covered there, too. Here are some of the binding styles we offer:

  • Staple
  • Spiral binding
  • Metal loop binding (for easily filing your brochure in ring binders)
  • PUR perfect binding
  • Saddle stitched (with staple)

Paper options for your print brochures

The paper you use for your brochures is important, and your choice of paper says a lot about your company. For instance, it is not recommended to use the cheapest, thinnest copy paper for the inside pages of your brochure if you are displaying high-end products in full colour. You can rest easy knowing that our printing service is committed to helping you to show off your quality while also using environmentally friendly paper.

When you get your printing done at FLYERALARM, you are working with a company who doesn't just offer one or two options; we carry all the professional-grade papers, in many different weights and coatings so that you always get exactly what you need. Plus, since our brochures can range from just a few pages to more than 100 pages, you'll be able to get the exact kind of brochure that you want.

Why brochures are effective

Curious as to why you should be printing brochures in a digital age? Here are some of the reasons why our customers still find brochures to be effective.

  • Brochures let you hand your customer a tangible item.
  • Something printed feels more solid and 'real' than something online.
  • A printed brochure doesn't go away with a click; it sticks around to be seen again and again.
  • It's easier and requires less eyestrain to see something in print than on a screen.
  • Customers still expect you to have promotional brochures.
  • It's much easier to hand someone a brochure than to ask them to visit a website (and expect that they'll follow through)

As you can see, brochures for business are still quite a viable item that you shouldn't be without. Even one promotional brochure can go a long way. Multiply that by thousands and imagine how much more business you could get.

If you need print brochures, you'll love these related items

Brochures by themselves are great, but if you pair them with some of these additional products from FLYERALARM, you could have an even better return on your investment.

  • Print books – looking for something a little larger than what our brochure printing service can offer? Print your book in hard or soft cover with our book printing service. Whether you're an indie author or a business who needs to publish your own book, get your book printed here today.
  • Print catalogues – your product catalogues are a crucial piece of your sales process, and we can offer you both short runs of 1–100 copies or larger runs of the quantity of catalogues you desire.
  • Print notebooks – our premium, personalised notebooks are a great gift item or a great way to offer your students or clients a place to take notes. Get graph paper, lined paper, or your own custom workbook content bound in hard cover, soft cover, or faux leather.

Place your order of custom printed products from FLYERALARM today.